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 Can Herpes Simplex Virus HSV-2 be transmitted through food or drink such as contaminated strong coffee?

 how many percent of people who have aids in america?

 what happens if you took a blood test if you had already eaten somethiing, are the results of the test wrong?

 how do hiv turn into aids also if a baby is born what are the chances of them getting the virus?

Additional Details
if so1 is preganant in didnt thet had hiv will the doctor ...

 Help fight HIV! PLEASE READ! Super simple, we already know you're here cause you're bored so please help out
Today, Bristol-Myers Squibb, the pharmaceutical monolith that charges
nearly $1,000 for a 30 day supply of one of its HIV/AIDS medications, is
donating $1 to the National AIDS Fund for each ...

 could you sue?
if someone gave you herpes and you could proove they did. could you sue them?...

 if you have had 3 STDs 3 abnormal paps does this increase the risk of having a baby??

 STDs and Symptoms...?
Which STDs do not necessarily have any symptoms?...

 Nurse Annie! Can HPV cause cervical cancer or other serious complications if passed on to a female.?
I have HPV and am concerned that I may cause her harm if she happens to contract this from me. My doctor told me that she is not at risk, but I am still concerned. Too many people have told me ...

 What will happen to a guy who get STD ?
how long does it take for STD to appear and show itself from the day you sleep with a girl without condom ??? and what will happen to the person with STD ?...

 Where can I get Gardasil (HPV Vaccine) in New York (Manhattan)?

 HPV numbers?
hpv ranges from hpv-1 to hpv 18. what do thoes numbers mean and where do the come from?...

 Possible Herpes question?
Fortunately I was just at the Dr. on Monday randomly to be tested for STDs and have an annual pap smear. Well, just this morning, after I got out of the shower I noticed that I have a single red ...

 0127 is which city's std code in india?

 Can you get STDs from bedsheets in the motel or hotel?
so can you ?...

 are pro wrestlers worried about the herpes simplex virus outbreak?
that some high school wrestlers are getting from dirty mats?...

 hiv/std test question?
I am going to planned parenthood tomorrow for hiv/std test. I am kind of scared, can someone tell me what the appointment will be like?

Also how long do I have to wait until I find out my ...

 What is everyday life like for Africans living with HIV/AIDS?
i am focusing on South Africa.
reference to websites would be great....

 please help me am scared an worried.?
i have ichtybess aroubd my verginal area, what is this a sign of?
Additional Details
i have ichtybess aroubd my verginal area, what is this a sign of? but i wax so i dont have crabs!...

 What antibiotics are used to treat STD's?

Does anyone have or know anyone with hiv or aids? how did you feel when you first found out?
Does anyone have hiv or aids? how did you feel when you first found out?
i had an hiv test done last thur. i was so scared it all came down to truth, i spoke to the lady that gives me results and i asked her how do the people react when they found out? but i was ready to face my consequences. luckely it was negative. i felt like i cheated death , but yet i was ready to be prepared if i was pos. i told my boyfriend if i am or we are were going to live our life as the fullest , and get a credit card and max it out lol

how did you feel when you first found out if you were neg or pos.?

I had a friend who had HIV which developed into full blown aids two years after I met him and he died the year after that. Be more careful, is a terrible way to die

My uncle died back in 1997 from complications with AIDS. He was only 33. I didn't even find out he had HIV/AIDS until a few months before he died. I was only about 10 or 11, so I don't think my parents wanted to tell me when I was younger, maybe because they thought I wouldn't understand or something. It's a horrible way to die. My family was crushed, especially my mom because they were best friends.

Congrats on being negative. I've also been tested for HIV and I feel I have "cheated" death too. Best wishes!

no i dont happen to know somone with H.I.V or AIDS

I was with my best friend when he found out he was postive and he just broke down and cried and he told his family and friends and they all supported him and they did not treat him any differant.

Remola T
Well, first of all I read the advice you gave another person and I don't think you have very much of a soul. If you cheat on your partners and you have HIV then you are spreading it around. I want you to know that you can have HIV and it show up negative for more then six months. Good luck getting tested again.

First off, i'm glad to hear your test was negative. I have a friend who was hiv positive and years later turned into fully blown AIDS..I was hurt when he told me because I knew for so long that somthing was wrong and he always lied to me.. He was my roomate of 2 years and my best friend for 6 years. I felt that he had an obligation to be honest with me. After he finally told me, I took it upon myself to be educated about the disease so that I could prepare myself for anything to come. I did not get HIV, were roomates and we never exchanged bodily fluids.
I wanted to support him through this and I did for many years, but he continued to lie to me and I just can't take all of that. He chose to leave our friendship, I think because it hurt him to see me care so much about him. I know that sounds silly, but I think its true.
He is still alive, he was HIV positive since 1985 and was diagnosed with fully blown aids in 2000.. I don't know where he is at, but I do know how to indirectly find out how he's doing...And that puts my mind at ease..
I also feel that this topic is somthing that people need to educate themselves on.. Here is a link on the Center of Disease Controls website that will help you with anything you need to know.

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