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 how long does it take for chlamydia to make you infertile im only 19?

 I have got a cold sore on wednesday and I'm going out on sunday, will it go by then? Its more of a big blister?

 Where can I go for and STI test?
I don't really want to go to my doctor, but I live in a small town and there is no planned parenthood around. I'm from Ontario Canada. Is there anywhere I can go?...

 How long should i wait for STD testing?
I was raped back in may around the 19th and i was wondering if i should go ahead and make an appointment now or if i should wait a few more months to make sure im completely STD free....

 Can someone please talk to me about HPV?
I found out I am HPV positive. He said it wasn't serious and I never had any warts. But they biopsied my cervix......

 Blood test results- Will they always call?
I recently just got a blood test, on Monday.
It was to check my (B12 levels, Glucose, Blood sugar ect.)
They were checking for anemia and diabetes and other things

I asked a ...

 does hiv make you always tired and weaken your muscles?

 Am I going to get herpes?
My friend (who has herpes) offered me a piece of food which I ate. Then I remembered that she has herpes. She has a zit thing by her nose, but it isn't touching her lip at all.

I ...

 Will a blood test show STD's or aids?
I have an ex who got quarterly check ups. And he would always report to me " well I don't have cancer or stds". He also had a heart condition and they were always testing his blood. N...

 do you have to be a virgin to get gardasil?
just wondering,my parents said yes.
but i wanted to know for sure....

 what are the new stategies in the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIN/AIDS?
How will the children whose mother is HIV positive be managed to reduce the risk of being hiv infected....

 Help Please!! Chlamydia/PID question!?
I was diagnosed with Chlamydia back in September and was treated and tested negative after treatment as did my boyfriend. I am afraid that I could have had it for months or even a year. I am SCARED ...

 the dreaded subject of std's?
can you go 2 1/2 year without knowing you have herpes?...

 can a women have Gonorrhea.for several months and not have symptoms or it not show up on an std screening?

 why do some people like bad smells?
personally i the smell of chocolate, my girlfriend has soap that smells like chocolate, really get turned on when she showers
Additional Details
sorry for the typo, i mean i like the ...

 would hpv show up in a routine blood test?

 i took 4 pills for chlamydia but i only waited 4 days?
what do i ...

 how many herpes strain are there?
I had heard there are many different strain, is it true?...

 pap smear indicating herpes?
I just got a call from my free clinic and they said my pap smear showed cellular changes resembling the herpes virus. She said it doesn't mean I have it but I will need further testing. If I DON&...

 can u be tested for herpes ???????????
i havent had a brake out......but im goin to the doc for std checks.so i wanna be checked for everything.

so can they check for herpes without a brake out...if so how? blood test ...

Could i have a STD from getting eaten out?
Like 2 days ago my boyfriend ate me out for about 30-45 minutes and the next day i kept having to go pee but in the morning when i woke up my pee smelt weird but it didn't smell like that again until i went to go pee first thing when i woke the next morning. I have been drinking a lot of water so that may have something to do with having to go pee a lot but why does it smell weird when i pee for the first time in the morning?

U shouldve have him use listerine fisrt. Go get tested.

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