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 Fingering ?
i became close to a girl a couple months to a year ago and I ended up fingering her, I washed my hands after wards but why do i seem like I "can't use" those fingers anymore because i ...

 i need help with kissing?
me and my bf want 2 french kiss but i am afriad 2 idk why though b/c i kissed alot of other guys but he means alot 2 me so i need help ...

 When he says 'Get 'R done ' what does he mean?

 Question about Scabbies?
i just found out that i had scabbies i did what the doctor told me to do to cure them i washed all my laundery cleaned my carpet. and wore the cream all night i washed the cream off but i still itch ...

 When was the first test done for hiv-aids in america?

 my boyfriend and me just found out we have had bv for 2 years can this make him unfertile?

 Will there be cure for deadly diseases like cancer and HIV in near future?

 The Scientific Evidence for HIV/AIDS?
The webist I read from http://www.aidstruth.org shows no evidence of HIV causes AIDS. If it does then why did they published this on there website 22 years later. To me that is no evedience that HIV ...

 could "being pregnant" be classed as an STD?
I mean it is a parasite.......I've carried 5 of the buggers, two hopped off early though.
Additional Details
Mikkey, I never said that I had an abortion I said that two hopped off ...

 Do you pray for this disease --> herpes?
This disease is very old disease.

Centuries already passed but up to now there is no cure.

I always pray to god everyday in the morning that someday this disease will have cure.<...

 Where can i buy STD'S?

 Can I kiss a girl if i have herpies 1 or 2?
I dont have it i was ...

 Can you get an STD from saliva?
My husband's friend's wife got really drunk and violent tonight. While tring to help restrain her she bit him and it broke the skin. I do not know if she has any health issues, but should ...

 how do i tell someone that you have an STD?
Hey , basically i went for STD check the other week and they said they would only ring if i have something well i missed a call from them and have to ring them tomorrow so it looks like i properly do ...

 What would happen if i never showered again?

 How soon after exposure does HIV begin weaking the immune system?
I could have possibly been exposed anywhere from 2-4 years ago, I recently got checked and am waiting for my results. I've been coming down with everything this year, 2 stomach viruses, a sinus ...

 What Are Hyper Herpes?
I was just talking to this guy online and he told me that he have hyper herpes? What are hyper herpes?...

 What's the longest time a person lived (or still living) since detection of being HIV positive?

 HIV test after 48 hrs exposure, i am over panic ,?
Two days before I went to a massage parlor and the co worker given me a hand job
After 48 hrs I did the HIV test shows negative , how accurate the test will be , what you think weather I needs ...

 are their agencies looking for STD Cures?
Hi, as the question reads, I'm looking for agency, business, college, etc, looking for Cures. After 30 minutes of searching google and yahoo, I was surprised how little I found. Everyone seems ...

computer geek
Clear Liquid Comes Out Of My Butt!?
this all started yesterday with stringy poop. Then later on in the afternoon I had to go and clear liquid came out of my butt and no poop. I already saw a doctor and they but me on some medicine. My stomach aches too in the lower intestence. Number 1 diabeates doesnt run in my family so i dont have that. I had clear liquid come out of me today and when i farted. Whats wrong with me?

haha, im sorry, i only clicked this because i love reading about poop problems.
i would say, NOT to fart, and the dr.'s know what they are doing. so, just wait it out.

computer geek...if you are,, you sound ignorant...web md.com... ive been diabetic 25 years and thought i heard everything... the water shooting out *** as a ssymptom cracks me up LOL...its a stomach bug...you say u want to DR...did mommy do all the talking for you?


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