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 I shared a water bottle with a friend who I think may have oral herpes, but I'm not sure, could I get it too?

Additional Details
Okay, I found out AFTER i shared the bottle, and she might not even have it! I'm just wondering if it's a possibility...from what I've seen of her, ...


 Assuming you've had more than one (and face it, we all have!) what is your favorite shaped rash?
I almost hoped that sweet dalmation never went away :)...

 How long does it take for the side effects of Sustiva/Epzicom combo to subside?
Interested in hearing from anyone who has had experience with this combo.

Thank you for your answers....

 What are some of the Symptoms of HERPES??!?
I think I might have Herpes, and I think some of the more obvious symptoms are kicking in. Occasionally, I seem to randomly TYPE IN ALL CAPITAL LEtters. I also notice that I will sometimes write ...

 How do you get rid of a computer transmitted headache?

 Cold sores (herpes ~ yuck)! What's the connection with stress?
OK .. if you ever had a cold sore... you know that you get them following a sunburn... but also when you are under a lot of stress... so are they co-incidental or are cold sores actually related to ...

 What STD do I have to have to get a TC badge in here?

 How many STDs do you think were exchanged during the filming of 'Jersey Shore'..?
especially from Snookie, shes like a vending machine for STD...

 Question to AIDS denialists?
I would have a proposal for you if you do wish to proove your point, that is, that there is actually a scientific objection to the HIV causes AIDS model. There are 2 main points your claims do not ...

 How do I tell my herpes that I have a boyfriend?

 is there such thing as herpatitis?
my sister said so, also Herpes Simplex 47......

 help! i have something comming out of my vigina and its not blood its something solid?

Additional Details
i had a baby thank you to all that answered!! its quadruprails 4 new baby 2 girls and 2 boys max jullanye marcus and josie!...

 Can you get AIDS from a primate?
I am asking for a friend....

 I'm having a herpies outbreak and I'm on my pierod. Should I have a bake sale?

 Have you been affected/infected by your?
Aussie and UK contacts?

Yesterday I found myself setting out my husband's trousers for the next day. This morning I flipped on the telly. Anyone else experiencing this daft ...

 can you get an std for sticking like drum sticks and thngs in your butt.?
i like so stick like drum stick and things in my butt and wait for a guy to do it but i dont want to get an std so can you get an std for doing this....

 I haaaaas a blue waffle !?
What can I do ?...

 i found a cute guy on the way to the mailbox. He looks a little dirty though. if I dip him ?
in holy water, will that protect me from any possible STD's?...

 I sat on a public toilet after some guy who was Mad At Gravity, and now I have crabs! What do I do?
Ladies, if you see this guy, please beware.

How do I get rid of these little fellers?
Additional Details
Thanks for the advice Jess...I may just yet be emailing him over this ...

Wicked Angel
Can you really catch crabs from a toilet seat?

cindy p
no way ...even if you would like to believe you could

I have always believed that you can pick them up from the seat of a public restroom. I don't sit on any public toilet seats. I know I am clean. I just can't stand the idea that those before me, may not have been clean. I ( shutter~~~ ).

A friend of mine found out just before she went in to labor that her cheating husband had given her crabs. She was so embarrassed that when they shaved her, they would discover that & all the nurses would know-- I felt her concern, putting myself in her place--She took home a beautiful 10 lb. baby girl & left the crabs behind.~~~ Blessings to all.

cliffordw hippiefied ol fart
yes you can. if they are plentiful enough, some leave their host and wait for a new host to sit on the "throne".....first hand experience...it happened to me when i was in germany while serving in the army in the 60's. i don't know what the treatment is now, but back then, i used what they called "blue ointment", courtesy of the u.s. government.

yes...in a dirty places...high traffic restrooms please be careful and stand up and squat over the toilet...if u have to go badly...

Hopefully not.

Kenny E
Only if the toilet seat is at the beach

scrooge BU
only if he humps you on the pot

Google it and believe nothing but the truth.

i heard you could.......and trying on clothes at dept stores

Crabs as an STD is not a very fun thing to have. Now that you know so much about crabs, and when you start itching in that area, be sure to have yourself checked and tested for STD to make sure that you do not get or at most, treat the infestation of crabs.

Possibly if the toilet seat was very, very dirty. Most rest rooms are cleaned regularly. Crabs can live a little longer on objects then most stds.

Zoro in Black
it can happen, that is why I never use public toilets...z

Yes, even if you stand on the seat and squat. A baby crab can jump six feet. I bought a real thick pair of glasses just to watch them when i go in a public place (or my X-xxx girlfriend's place) just to watch them.It looks like a trapeze act going on in there.

From a boat works better.

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