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 STD Test, where and what to expect?
I am curious to where to go to get a STD check. I dont suspect anything but i would like to be safe rather than sorry. Where do i go to get one, what type of test is it? blood or piss? anything ...

 I have herpes and have been experiencing several breakouts while taking valtrex over the last year.?
I have had Herpes for 10 years and have never had outbreaks this often. Previously I was always on birth control pills - I have been off for a year. . . is there any correlation that anyone has seen ...

 Asking because a pt had it and did not know if he cleaned his hand well before the licked his hand.?

 If someone had anal warts that were treated and cured, is it still possible (2 years later) to transmit?
Please provide evidence when you reply....

 Is there truly a cure for HIV/AIDS in Africa?
I heard that there is a cure for HIV/AIDS in Africa, but it isn't in U.S.A. If there is anyone out there that knows this...holla ...

 If you dont take the medicne for the following?
AIDS, HIV, any STDS like that how long will it take before you notice it and how long will you have long left to live?

where can you get tested?...

 can yourtest everbe wrong?
can you take one test and it comes out pos buttake another one and it comes out ...

 i need help!!! please.?
i'm doing a report on aids and i need a site to get some really good info....

 45) rodents are known to carry organisms that cause all of the following diseases EXCEPT:?
a. hantavirus
b. tapeworms
c. salmonella
d. lyme ...

 are there any HIV/AIDS clinics in smithfield north carolina?
i am doin a research project and need to find as much info about AIDS and HIV as possible....

 aids question here my nephew who is 18...................?
was told he is hiv positive it destroyed me i didnt know what to do and he told me of a few people he know he infected he doesnt want to accept that he has it and keeps sleeping unprotected i've ...

 Has anyone ever got a pink spot on the nose thats is flat and its a size of a dime.?
I went to a dr yesterday and he said nonthing to worry about. He dont no what this is. Does anyone no what this could be, and or how long it will take to go a way, i had it for a week already and ...

 possibly hiv symptoms?
I developed symptoms about a month after being with a girl and the condom broke.. that was about 7 months ago. Ever since then I've had stomach problems.. nausea, diarrhea, bad breath, abdominal ...

 what is HIV slogan??

 HPV Vaccine in UK?
Where can a woman go in the UK to receive the new Gardasil HPV vaccine?

It was approved in June this year but in my experience getting a new product via a GP usually results in them saying ...

 I recently got diagnosed with HPV i was told to get a biopsy without a second PAP is this normal?
I was told over the phone and all I know is what is on the internet.
I'm 24 and very scared PLEASE HELP!...

 HPV question, please answer!!!!?
I have hpv but no visible warts down there, im 8 mnths preggo... my question is if I can have a safe viginal birth and if i can transmit the virus to my baby?...

 g/f says she has dormant STD how often should i have her test to be safe?

 are herpes breakouts long?
if you had herpes, how long do the breakouts normally last?...

 HIV-carrier's expected life span "without treatment", vs. "antibiotic treatment", vs. "antiretrovirals"?

Miss Bich
Can you get STDs from bedsheets in the motel or hotel?
so can you ?

yes. they are called crabs.

Yes sorry and I hope you don't have an STD people are nasty well a t least some of them just go to the doctor and when and if you ever go to another hotel carry you own blanket and sheets or sometimes they have a washer inside the hotel but they only wash the top spread once ever three years or you can complain and tell them that the spread has an odor or it is dirty and you want new spreads and sheets...SMILE...


Most you may get is bed bug bites from dirty beds !

thekla o
no--that is an old wives tale

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