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why does it hurt me to breathe when i run in the cold?
and i will cough all night if i run in the cold..
Additional Details
when i say cold i mean about 55*F, sorry it's cold to me!

Taylor F
you could have an upper respitoray infection.
im not sure, but thats what happened to me
and i had that. go to the doctor and get it checked out.

Lacie (:
because it cold , thats normal
i have VCD (vocal cord disfunction) and if i run in the cold i cant breath then start weezing

there is less amount of oxygen in the air when its colder, don't know why but there is. it kinda hurts and is harder for me to breathe in the colder weather as well. of course i have asthma, so my lungs aren't getting the oxygen they need. what i usually do about that is just take a warm shower, but not too hot because you might be a little frostbitten and it will hurt. once it feels ok to turn it up, go ahead and you should feel fine. or i just take my inhaler before and i'm usually ok. might be a good idea to get checked for exercise induced asthma.

Miss Texas
The insides of your lungs has your body temperature - that would be 37 degrees celsius (98 F). Now outside air can have maybe 5 degrees, or 0 degrees (freezing, 32 F).
When there's such a temperature difference, the gentle membrane that covers the inside of your lungs, reacts to it and hurts.
Imagine, it's nearly 40 degrees diffference. That's as if you spilled 80 degrees (176 F) hot water on your hands. It would hurt like hell!

When you work out, you breathe faster, so more cold air enters your lungs in a shorter time. That's why it burns more.

OR... it could be asthma. Go to the doc.

It's normal. Seeing that this question is in the category of respiratory disease, you don't have respiratory disease if that's what you're also wondering. It hurts because your lungs can't expand as easily and the cold air is a shock to them, I think. That may not be accurate but that's what my track coach told me :) It's normal. Don't breathe through your mouth when you run in the cold. Breathe through your nose, very rarely taking breaths through your mouth. Hope that helps!! I love running as well. It's great for you physically and it clears your mind! Oh, and people are saying it's asthma, but it's most likely not. If it was asthma, you would be experiencing it while running during regular weather, not just cold.

You most likely have Asama. I just went to the doctors to see if I had it because I couldn't run in the cold either. Mine isn't that bad, but he said that its harder for people to run and breathe cold air if the have Asama.

Ya I have that problem too lol I'm not really sure but if it's REALLY cold then your breath will sort of freeze in your throat. Well probably not literally but you know the feeling right? Your chest gets tight then breathing is a lot harder and you start to cough. But ya, I just think it's because your breath sort of just freezes.

Help me pleaseeee.
you might have asthma.
But when you breathe in in the cold you are freezing your lungs.
Cold air right on soft warm tissue....
to reduce this, breathe through your nose and it will be warm before it hits your lungs.

some guy
cold dry air effects my asthma in a negative way. something about how it can constrict blood vessles in your lungs. just take a hot shower in steam and that might open you up a bit

i think your facing asthama or hypothermia by which when ever you run or walk in cold your breathe will hurt and even cough is also symptoms

George Lovegod Carter
Running generates heat throughout the body, so if you run in the cold, it's like throwing cold water on hot coals. Painfull and irritating.

It happens to everyone!!

If your breathing rate goes up too quickly, your respiratory track (like the air pipe and nose) does not have enough time to get wet in order to warm the air you breath. Just try to start slowly at first and only run faster once you feel you are warmed up.

Joey s
its because the cold air constricts the blood vessels in your lungs but your body is warm causing them to dilate which hurts

Very common.. I actually have it as well - It's asthma. Go get tested and you might get an inhaler to help it.

because you are blasting your throat and lungs with cold air, they aren't used to it because you are usually breathing room temperature air... this affects most people to a certain extent ... if it is very painful for you and your body does not get used to it you should consider running on a treadmill or just doing tons of situps indoors.

also maybe warming up indoors will help expand your lungs...
it is probably this that is causing the problems... when you start exercise your lungs expand, but if you are doing this in the cold, your lungs are trying to do two different thigns. The cold air is causing the lung and throat to want to tighten up to conserve heat while the exercise is forcing them open. That is the best explaination I have for ya.

good luck.

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