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 whats worse, cigarettes or pot? and why?

 does anybody have the perfect remedy for congestion?please help?

 what is guillian barre syndrome?

 Does air from each of your nostrils go to a different lung?
meaning when you breath in with your left nostril does the air go to the left and lung and with your right nostril to your right lung or does it go to the same place so if you were to close 1 nostril ...

 Lighting a match..breathed in something?
I lit a match and the black smoke came up from it and i breathed it in and my nose all the way up to the beginning of my throat i guess got 'hurt' and it smelled weird, and i was coughing, ...


 What are the effects of smoking have on the respiratory tract?
I Need to know what are the effects of smoking have on the respiratory tract of the body only...i need this in a lot of detail...thanx in advance!?!?!?!...

 How to stop smoking ?

 How should a normal cough last for because it seems mine is going into 4weeks now?

Additional Details
and yes i am coughing up coughing up phlegm
which is green and yellow in colour
no chest ...

 Grapefruit is an endocrine disruptor... what the hell does that mean?!?!?
Someone said to me that grapefruit is an endocrine disruptor but what the hell does that mean? lol i have no idea what the words mean. So someone explain simply and what is does effects, stuff like ...

 My Dr. just prescribed Clonodine to my daughter because she has a hard time getting to sleep .?
My daughter has all the signs of ADD and my Dr. said that not being able to sleep was one them as well. My quesstion is could this cause bad side effects of any kind?...

 I have problems breathing when I'm laying down on my left side or on my back. What could be causing this?
Just to mention I am not fat I weight 140lbs male. I don't have asthma, and I know for sure it isn't sleep apnea cause I am not asleep yet. Just currently laying down and watching tv. B...

 are there chemicals in the new fire safe cigarettes and if so what are they?

Additional Details
new federal law states if a cigarette is left unattended it will go out. How does this work, are there chemicals used for this ...

 application of ceftas dt tablet 200 mg?

 why do I feel like I can't breathe when I wake up?
my chest feels a little tight, my nose is blocked up, I use my inhaler and that helps and the cold air bothers me?...

 More asthma advice please. Doctor not that helpful?
Not a regular asthma sufferer usually when I have colds, but this time different. I went to the doctor unable to speak or walk because of shortness of breath.Doctor listened to chest and said no ...

 what is flem and where does it come from ?

 After most of my symptoms of viral infection are gone, here comes a new one! Chest pain and cough?
It's been almost a week since my first fever came!! Now, finally, I don't have fever coming and going every few hours but I have a strong chest pain and I cough mucus and that hurts my ...

 Why is phlegm coughed out better when i stand up?
I am on antibiotics for pharyngitis and on a mycolytic for the phlegm that is too thick and too much. The medication has worked so far and especially the mucus and phlegm are dissolved, more light ...

 Would you sooner smoke or live on tranquilisers? It appears that most non smokers do as well as dying 3 years?
earlier than smokers. Source? The Lancet....

☼...KayyLynn Gives Free Hugz...ツ
why can i only breath through one side of my nose?
idk why but ever since i was little i can only breath though the right side of my nose, and the left never works. i don't have a cold or anything like that and i'm not stuffed up. any ideas?

A lot of people have this problem one of my friends have your problem.But don't worry It is not anything that can harm you.It could be genetic that is how my friend got it but it is not a disease

Hope this helps! =D

I had that problem when I was younger and I was told I had a deviated septum. My mom also had this problem and she had to have surgery, but mine was mild and after I got a little older it went away.

no problem
blocked sinuses

Because the brain cycles between hemispheres every 90 minutes or so, one becoming dominant over the other, when you breathe through your right nostril the left side of the brain is active and vice versa, it is believed that if you block one nostril you can engage the other hemisphere, logical hemisphere = right nostril (left hemisphere active), and creative hemisphere = left nostril (right hemisphere active).

The same can be said for lying on your side to go to sleep, lying on your left side will stimulate the right hemisphere so creating abstract and creative 'dreamlike' thoughts, and in doing so promote natural sleep conditions.

This is not a new concept and is the basis for very unique, positive learning systems, based on brain wave activity, and the use of certain types of music, usually classical.

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