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when a person dies is their last breath an inhale or exhale?why.?

Additional Details
* by the way i need to know for my science homework

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it could be either. If they were alive long enough to draw in the final breath, but died before they exhaled, it would be an inhale. if they died while still in the exhale state, it would be an exhale.

Katelinn M
it depends on the breath they took before they're last one. because it takes an inhale to produce and exhale and an exhale to produce another inhale.

I don't know.
I'll tell you when I'm about the kick the bucket, alright? :)

wider scope
i've watched a few ppl die and they exhaled.

what's even more fascinating to me is the act of chain-stoking.

People can die not breathing at all. Most of the time they will exhale. It is like work. Sooner or later you will quit or retire. You can't stay in there forever. Like air, you can stay there forever. If someone is choked to death, then it is neither. You can't die inhaling, but you can die not breathing.

Bike Dude 14
exhale because their lungs will contract and force the oxygen out of the lungs

Usually a series of gurgles...a deep breath then a slow exhale.....the body continues to fight to breath until it can't....the muscles relax and the air goes out....then the decay starts.



bouchon d'élite
no inhale, that takes muscles.

Star W
what goes in must come out
i agree iwth above

the Ol' Foolosifer
My grand pa snored heavily and noisily as he slept. He could be heard even in the upstairs attic bedroom of the old log house that had been built in the early 1800's when his dad had first came to the hills of north Arkansas.
When he snored, he almost growled while inhaling and a loud whistle on the exhale.
He and I had been out working all day in the heat, plowing a five acre field behind mules. He had forgotten to wear his hat that day and the temperature rose to over 100 degrees and his head had gotten a bad sunburn.
When we finished plowing we walked the three miles to one of his daughters, the closest place to the field. After a drink of cool water from the well, we went inside and my aunt said for us to stay for supper.
Grand pa said he needed a nap before eating as it wasn't time yet.
He sat in an overstuffed arm chair and dosed off, snoring in just a short time.
About thirty minutes later grand pa quit snoring. We had heard the growl and the whistle, but no further sound. I checked on him and he was gone, died from sunstroke. He was 105 years old.
His last breath was an exhale, as was my mothers and fathers. I have seen three others die two in my arms and they exhaled their last.
So I would say the last in most cases, anyway would be exhale.

exhale, is a relaxation so by exhaling it is relaxing your mussels. when you inhale you need to use mussels. so when you are dying you are week and it is hard to inhale.

Daniel C
It has to be an exhalation. Inhalation requires the diaphragm muscle tightening up and that requires life.

ツ ŔคíNเиg Č๏ภ√єRѕε ღ☮
the last breath they remember, or the last one taken when they are actually alive is an inhale,
your body realizes that well, basically its dying, so it takes in a big inhale of breath.
then you die.
inhaling requires muscles which don't work after you die.
your body's last breath is an exhale, because when your body dies, it emptys all the air from its lungs in an exhale

for your homework, the best answer is exhale, because the person isn't going to hold that breath in them, its going to come out, so exhale

Riskojalia explains it well, since you could die not breathing at all

most of the time it is an exhale because when you die all your muscles co limp and that would mean that you just let go and so it would probably be an exhale

exhale. it is called the death rattle. everything relaxes.even your bowels sometimes. very sad to see.

Wesley O
an exhale, when a person dies their lungs empty because the diaphragm muscle in the center of the body goes to a relaxed natural position. The lungs empty when you die because there are no muscles keeping air in them.

exhale for sure becuase when you die your breath leaves your body not enters

thank you for smoking


Exhale. As the muscles relax, the chest collapses, thus expelling the air inside.

christopher c
I would have to believe it would be an exhale due to simple physics. If your last breath was an inhale and you died, the pressure in your lungs would naturally force the air back out. Take a breath then relax and see if the air stays in your lungs. Definitely exhale.

Your last breath is exhaled,, your lungs contract and force the air out like if you would blow air in a balloon and took your mouth off. the balloon contracts and forces the air out..

Kimber Lee
I believe it's an exhale. Your organs relax then shut down. Upon doing that I've heard that more than breath can come out.

exhale...what goes in must come outtt!

MaRiLYn <3
Exhale. Because the air must come out of your lungs. The person may not have done it before they died, but once the body is moved, if their is air in the lungs it comes out.

exhale because the air cant stay in the respiratory system it has to come out

Exhale. The air in the lungs is expelled, and that's that.

tony b
Exhale. Gotta be alive in inhale as it requires muscles which don't do much but disintegrate after you die.

exhale because the body relaxes

It would be an exhalation.....inhalation is active, exhalation is primarily passive.

Good question, hope this helps :)

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