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 Is it true that Menthol Cigarettes make your lungs bleed?

Additional Details
I personally don't smoke. I just heard that the other day and I can't see how it could. If the cigarettes are filtered how can you get anything other than ...

 What is the chance..........?
of a rat recovering from a serious case of Pneumonia?...

 chest pain?
evreytime i breathe my chest hurts

iam a ...

 Are asthma and sleep apnea related?

 What will happen to me if I get diagnosed with cystic fibrosis?
Im having all the tests for it next week as i have a few of the symptoms? im 13. what will happen

 How do you say exercise induced asthma in spanish?
i have exercise induced asthma and i live right across the boarder of mexico so i uusuallygo to the doctor over there because medication is much cheaper but i dont know how to say exercise induced ...

 When Did Your Asthma Disappear? Only Asthma Peeps!?
When I was 8 I moved to the states from Sweden. Prior to this move back in Sweden I never had asthma. I Lived in Virginia where I guess the pollution is high, and got asthma at the age of 10. I moved ...

 whats up with that explodey breath?

 How long does Zanax stay in your system?
I have a job i have been hired for and have to take a screen test and i dont want them to know i had to take one for stress.
Additional Details
i have to take a drug test for a job i ...

 lately i hae been waking up periodically feeling very tired and having slow labored breathing...anyone know Y?
i am taking ativan for panic attacks, but when i awake i do not feel anxiety or panic, just very tired and labored breathing, takes aobut a half hour for me to feel normal again......

which comes first respiratory arrest then asphyxia or the reverse?...

 One day I noticed that I dropped a cup on my foot and I started to cough and choke. What would cause that?
Whenever I bump or hit or drop something accidentally on my foot or clean my left ear I cough and choke. I don't mean a little, like almost wet my pants coughing and choking....

 What is causing me to get sick?
I am sitting at work at a computer doing nothing. my body gets really hot but the room temp is fine. i break out in sweats. get headache, shaky, nausea, and feel like vomiting. and dizzy. all this ...

 what was this that they were smoking?
i saw my friend go to local convience store (small independently owned, not like shoprite/stop and shop) and he came out with something that looked like a cigar, but it wasn't. he said it was a &...

 Does pulling all your nose hair lead to infection like pneumonia?
I pull all my nose hair few days ago then boom I end up with pneumonia. What are the odds?????...

 Painful cough and breathing post pneumonia, what is going on?
3 weeks ago I had the flu, which left me with a horrible cough and MAJOR fatigue. A week and a half after flu symptoms were gone I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I've finished the course of ...

 Should I get tested for asthma?
I recently went on a camping trip and experienced extreme shortness of breath, even when I wasn't doing anything strenuous. (No coughing fits though) I've been camping a million times in my ...

 I've had shortness of breath of about 6 days now, I started smoking flavored cigars. Should I be worried?
Im not going to smoke anymore cigars. Do you think the shortness of breath will go away or should i go to the doctor?
Additional Details
Yeah im going to stop. I just hope this shortness ...

 Please help me:(?
i suffer with bulimia and recently my chest has started to hurt so much that its almost unbearable to breath.

please does anyone know whats wrong or how to solve this.


i can only breath in and out of my mouth or nose but i cant do them both what cant i do this and will it effect me?...

what is the medicen microser for ?
i have be told to take this med, it is to help your brains oxygen when you go to high mountains.. does any one know , or have heard about this<'' thanks

Juan O
I think its for brain venting , but not shure... greetings

MICROSER / Betahistine is used to treat Ménières disease and vertigo.
Ménières disease occurs when there is a build up of fluid within the inner ear. This causes symptoms such as tinnitus (buzzing in the ear), deafness and vertigo (a spinning sensation often causing vomiting). These attacks may last for a few hours and then not come back for months, or you may experience a cluster of attacks.

Betahistine works by reducing the amount of fluid in the inner ear and therefore relieves these symptoms.

gangadharan nair
Betahistine hydrochloride is the generic name for the anti vertigo drug SERC. It was first registered in Europe in 1970 for the treatment of Ménière's disease. It is commonly prescribed for people who have balance disorders or to alleviate the vertigo symptoms associated with Ménière's disease.
Betahistine is available in 8 mg, 16 mg or 24 mg tablets. It is contraindicated for people with peptic ulcers or tumours of the adrenal gland. People with bronchial asthma should be closely monitored.

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