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i have a cold..you know the normal common cold...and i keep coughing and coughing..

i took delsym, and normally that works and my parents tell me it does ya dee ya dee ya..

 what is in Benelyn cough mixture?

 What happens when you are hospitalized for asthma?
My partner has just been diagnosed and is keeping it under control with his inhaler, but we were told that if an attack continues he would need to get to A&E and perhaps be hospitalised... I am ...

 Frontal lobe surgery?????
What is the process of frontal lobesurgery??? the doctors said that they found a frontal lobe lesions what is this
Additional Details
I am talking ab out my mom. =[[[[[ doctors are not ...

 is it possible that if I have acute asthma . if i'm having trouble breathing for it to just get better?
today I was dusting my room and afterwords I started having a hard time breathing. after about 3-5 hours it got better.
Additional Details
sometimes i have trouble breathing ...

 i gave my cat 1 5mg prednisone 3 hrs ago & a 1/2 5mg prdnisone 45 min. ago & her breathing labored & wheezing
her breathing is very labored and she is wheezing right now. she is trying to sleep but her chest is rapidly moving - like she is ...

 anyone know where i can buy an ez quit package of fake cigarettes over the counter rather than online?
or at least some herbal cigarettes while i wait for the ...

 how much tar and nicotine are in panatella cigars?
e.g. the ones you can get out of corner shops?

p.s. I don't smoke and wont be starting :)...

# You will always have a good reason for loitering - "Officer, I'm just having a cigarette".
# Always smoke when you are pregnant. Your smoking helps the unborn baby prepare for ...

 can you hyperventilate when you hold your bladder for a long time?
I was hyperventilating really badly cause i was laughing at some very funny news...i couldnt breathe after a while and kept hyperventilating then i went to the bathroom and it went ...

 I'm just getting over having bronchitis after 10 days and...?
I think I'd like to go back to my exercising. I'm still taking antibiotics. Is it OK to do some gentle exercise whilst recovering from an illness?...

 how to cure runny nose by monday emergency ?
i need to get better by monday cause there's a blood drive that i signed up for and i realy want to donate plz some one ...

 my baby got an otitis media what should i do?
she doesn't cry yet she is always up at night and became so irritable and fluid with a bad odor comes out of her ear and i don't know what to do since we don't have enough budget to go ...

 i can never seem to breathe properly?
hi, im just wondering whether something could be wrong with my breathing?
i always feel like its really hard to take a deep breath - like, ill try, but it never seems to like, reach my lungs?

 My roommate threw up blood, wont go to the hospital?
My roommate was brushing his teeth when he was trying to cough up phlegm and threw up brown blood, he said he has no pain, and he doesnt want to go to the hospital for another half hour so he can see ...

 my neighbors 12 year old daughter is just getting over the flu~,?
she has a terrible cough,how long do you think it will take for this cough to ease up.i think it will be a while before her daughter will be completely rid of it,i just wanted someone elses opinion ...

 does sleep apnea only happen to fat people or does it happen to anyone???
I asked because im 14 years old, and mostly every night I wake up about 2 to 4 am. Im scard help!!!...

 Do I have asthma, or is it something else?
Everytime I have gym class, I always become short of breath, sometimes when I run a few laps around the gym. Am I asthmatic, or is it something else?...

 Smoking with less nicotine?
Which one is better cigarettes,cigar or pipe....

 I have had a horrible cough for about two weeks that just keeps getting worse and a sore throat..Suggestions..?
I really feel miserable i really need some suggestions on what to do. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

what happens when gasoline fumes are inhaled?
i was helping my dad pour some gas into the boat, and i was inhaling the fumes for awhile, im a teenager and i just wanna know if anything happened, what does inhaling do? how long till it becomes harmful

nothing, you may get light headed

Dr. C
Most likely, nothing should happen. Gasoline smells unpleasant, which make most people avoid excessive exposure to the fumes. However, if gasoline (not just the fumes) is directly inhaled into the lungs, it can cause lung inflammation and breathing difficulties. Symptoms may include fevers, coughing, gagging, vomiting, shortness of breath, and usually occur within 8 hours of exposure.

If you feel fine >8 hrs after smelling the fumes, you should not have any problems.

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