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 i've had a cold for a week and lately as i cough i throw up, is this normal?

Hey all. went to the ER the other night, couldn't swallow my own spit, hard time breathing. Turns out they said i have tonsillitis, laryngitis and double ear infections. I've been on ...

 What's an effective way to quit smoking?
I'm 15 years old and have been smoking for 2 years now, I honestly can't see my life without it but it runs in my family to have lung cancer. I clearly do no want to develop this and I am ...

 i have a really bad sore throught and phlegm, and im really hungry, what should i eat since i have this?
i know to eat chicken soup and stuff like that but i already had loads of that. anything else?...

 if cigarettes were good for you, and not addictive, would you smoke?
everything else about them is the same though. they smell bad, leave smells in your clothing and home and car, cost a fortune. but they clean out your lungs and make your nose more sensitive and ...

 Can I hit my brother in the stomach even though he has asthma?
When I punch my big brother in the stomach he tells me not to because he got asthma and he could die. Could he really die and is it really that bad?...

 My cold has become cronick?
2-3 months with spitting out mucus and hard too breath threw nose because of nasal congestion i heard it becomes cronick after haveing it for a while doc said i have post nasal drip but i dont feel ...

 Has anyone had surgery for sleep apnea?
What do they do?? Is it successful? Do they take the tonsils out also?...

 Cold For Three Weeks?
Ive had a little cold off and on for about 3 weeks now, and today it just got worse.

Yesterday i just had a tonsil swollen on one side, no big deal, then today my chest hruts to breathe ...

 I have mould in my bedroom wall and window, could trhis be affecting my breathing?
We have just moved into a new flat on rent and there is mould on the bedroom wall and window. I have also been having trouble breathing at night for the past few weeks. My husband says that i usually ...

 By accident i mixed ammonia with bleach today at work and i choked on it. Should i be worried now?
I work in a kitchen and today when i was going to mop i put bleach on the mop then dipped the mop in the bucket and i usually put this lime a way in the bucket but today i saw a new lime away and i ...

 i have smoked pot 5 times in the last 5 months no more than 2 hits usually one havent smoked in 2 and half mo?
will this small amount be found in a hair drug test ?...

 HELP!!! i got food poisining!!?
yesterday my dad my sister and i went to the beach.... he made sandwiches... i told him to put them in a cooler(he did) then i told him to put ice in the cooler(he didn't.. :O) we then ate the ...

 I'm not sure what this is, but I've been having trouble with getting the last bit of urine to flow out.?
For the past week or so, I've been having trouble going to the bathroom. When I urinate, it comes out, but the last bit doesn't come out and it hurts when the last bit doesn't come ...

 HELP! I can't breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Please, I'm desperate, my throat and chest are hurting so much, it just started hurting, likw that and is getting stronger by the second It's getting hard to breath!!!I don't know what&...

 What is TB? and is it terminal?
My Grandfather is in his early seventies has been taken into hospital recently and they are doing many tests on him, they first thought he had tumours, then they didnt know, now they are saying he ...

 what causes nose bleeds?

 What's wrong with me?
I have a bad pain in my throat, and I can't breathe very well and it's hard to talk. It also hurts to eat and swallow.

I haven't eaten anything today because my throat ...

 Flatulence attack in line at the post office?
I had a flatulence attack while standing in line at the post office. It came upon me all of a sudden, and it was silent but deadly. Next time this happens, what do I do?...

 Can smoking marijuana for about a year cause damage to my lungs?
In total, I've smoked maybe about 20 times last year. I haven't smoked for a year now...will any damage show up on a chest x-ray?...

what does it mean when a doctor's notes describe something as being "remarkable" or "unremarkable"?
for example comments on results from tests performed and/or physical examination

Answer King
Was it when he asked you to cough?

Remarkable means there is evidence that there is evidence that something exists. Unremarkable means that there is no evidence that something exists. These relate to abnormalities in tests performed or examinations.

Jeez, ever heard of the saying that, for the newspapers, bad news is "good news"?

"remarkable" must be bad and "unremarkable" must be good there.

It is the comment which a pathologist has to put on the report card of some test.
Like for sputum test, presence of bacteria, for say TB, the pathologist has to put down Remarkable if they are present in significant number.

Remarkable means that there is something 'significant' - for example, if they saw a mass on an x-ray, they might say that it was remarkable for...

If the tests are normal, they are unremarkable.

Good luck


Remarkable: We may need to look more closely at this

Unremarkable: Don't worry about it... it doesn't matter

That it has direct bearing on diagnosis and treatment.

chILD Mom
I understand exactly where this question is coming from.... I remember sitting in the ICU with my infant daughter when the pulmonary specialist told me that her CT was quite remarkable. I thought, "Okay, remarkable is good." But no... thankfully, he saw that I wasn't quite understanding and went on to elaborate. And from everything else that was said, I learned very quickly that when a doctor says it, remarkable is bad. Quite remarkable is very very bad. Unremarkable is good. The same is true for the word impressive. Best of luck.

It literally means whether something rates being remarked about or not. Often doctors who review films will write that something is unremarkable, so that it is clear to your doctor that there is no concern. If something is remarkable, then there will follow clarifying remarks. It's not like common usage, when we use remarkable instead of fantastic, outstanding, or unbelievable.

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