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I hope so......

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Hi everyone :)

Im hoping someone can answer my question.

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Is it an upper?
What is it exactly?...

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mom was diagnosed with advanced emphysema and her oxygen level is 98. how is this possible ? i thought you cant breath good with this disease?

Additional Details
no she quit ...

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My doctor seems clueless on this......

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what does air pockets in the lungs mean?
Can anybody help, i am 34 yrs old ,i have been suffering with breathlessness on exercetion,i have had a ct scan and have been told i have small air pockets in the bottom of both lungs, he has advised that i quite smoking(which i am trying) also to attend breathing classes, he said he will see me in 5mths if any change in air pockets then they will do a lung biopsy. has i was leaving my appointment today he said he wanted to take bllod tests because my face is quite red in colouring, then asked me if i suffer with stiff joints, i dont understand what a red face and stiff joints have to do with breathlessness, i then went home i still dont understand what is wrong,please help??????????

The lungs are not empty pouches that you breath air in and out of. They are organs that have a spong like appearance, where the internal part of the lung is made of of little tiny air pockets. I don't think this is what your doctor is refering to when he mentions holes. As far as redness in the face is concerned, the quality and rate of your breathing effects the heart, which in turn effects blood pressure and hence, the amount of color (or lack of color) in the face. As far as stiff joints are concerned? I'm sorry, I don't know. My advice would be to get off of those ciggarettes as fast as possible, drink lots of fresh water, take flax seed oil, berry juice and veggies. Don't change your diet to this overnight. But make it gradual. I wish you the best.

It means you have air trapping. Which means that your lungs are over stretched and have lost their ability to return to their normal shape after you exhale. Because of this, you are not able to completely empty your lungs.

i think what the doctor meant by air pockets is that u have pockets with stagnant air in it...air does not move out or in very much. this will happen if ur lungs lose elasticity...smoking causes that. picture ur lung like a balloon...if u smoke the balloon becomes more like a thick basketball rather than a stretchy balloon.

red faces and stiff joints can occur if u r below the level of oxygen ur body needs...yes u r getting oxygen every time u breathe, but it's not as much...basically ur breathing is inefficient (due to the lack of elasticity of ur lungs)...so u get less oxygen than u used to before the smoking. i also think that the redness is compounded by the fact that smoking causes ur skin to get thinner...so ur skin capillaries will be more apparent. (dilating effect will also make it worse.)

check out: (look at the cigarette flushing section) http://www.rosacea-ltd.com/flushing.php3

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