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lil mama
what can happen to a baby when taking 3.5 ml of antibiotic and don't need it.?
if the dr gave my 8 month old 3.5 ml of antibiotic for bronchitis is that to much. ( took it 3 tims a day) turn out she didn't have bronchitis. call the hospital they say there sorry but the dr dont work there anymore. ( but they did write it up) what to do to stop this dr. he didn't even listen to her chest but he said she had bronchitis. the antibiotic made her sicker and gave her a real bad rash. please tell me what to do i need help fast .
Additional Details
first of all mr.gazeygoo no ax-ray was not done. second for all i took her to txch ER an they said that she didn't have bronchitis and they stop the med. the DR at TXCH said the med was making her sicker.

You should seek treatment for the rash, or the reaction to the antibiotic. Since I don't know what type of antibiotic was given, nor the dosage, it would be difficult to determine if the dosage was too much or too little. 3.5 Mls is a little over 1/2 of a teaspoon. The hospital should be able to treat your baby for the reaction. You never know if someone is allergic to a medication, as allergies can develop at any time, so you can't hold the doctor or the hospital liabel for that. Hope the baby's well soon.

Lil Mama, dont panic, this happened to myself when my son was a baby, about three months old, and it was my own GP who prescribed them. He diagnosed? my son as being asthmatic and had a chest infection, so he was on cough medicine, calpol (paracetamol)for the fever and an amoxicillan anitbiotic. My son took a fever and I panicked, took him to the sick kids hospital and they were horrified to find such a small baby on so many meds!
No harm will come to your baby by taking the antibiotic its just that docs sont like to prescribe them unless absolutely necessary as the body builds up its own antibodies and we can become resistant to them. So your baby daughter will be fine, and hope she gets well soon, Buny x
sorry forgot to add the rash could be a rfeaction to the penicillin or the fever caused by her being unwell.

The first thing is to call your regular doc and have them make a note of her sensitvity to the med on her chart so they don't prescribe this again. If you want to file a complaint then contact your states medical board. Your baby will be fine just be sure she doesn't get this same antibiotic again though since she is sensitive or maybe even allergic to it.

How do you know she didn't have bronchitis?? While not auscultating (listening) to the chest would be odd was an X-ray done to determine this bronchitis?? How could we possible know if this amount of antibiotic was too much? We don't know how much of the medication each ml contained. She has obviously had a reaction to the medication which is where the problem lies, simply taking an antibiotic for no reason shouldn't be a huge issue other than it just isn't a good idea. Something just doesn't quite flow along with this question and it would seem there are parts you aren't telling us.

Matt A
Anyone taking antibiotics when they don't need them will promote antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. One should never take antibiotics when they don't need them and if you do need them you must take all of the medication. Failure to take all the meds will also promote antibiotic resistant bacteria. Talk to your doctor about this issue.

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