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 How do I tell my parents that I smoke??
Ok, I'm 22 years old and I started smoking two years ago... because I was going through a very hard time. I still am depressed, and I still am smoking.
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ok so ive been sick for a few days, yesterday i had a fever of 102.8 and i was worried it broke earlier today. I just took my temp and it's 101. I feel awful! Yesterday all i did was lay in bed ...

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Additional Details
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 is it good to be sick or not?
with flu, or any kind of sickness
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 Today i Stopped Smoking ! anybody else ?
This is my third attempt.Each time in the past i have lasted longer without a cigarette....

There is so much phlegm in my throat that its making it EXTREAMLY difficult to breath.
NONE of the phlegm is coming out
I can't talk
I have a Fever

and i need to leave ...

 at what point will i be considered a non smoker?
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 Survey: Does it annoy you when people don't cover their mouth when they cough?
Especially in public transport, or spit on the sidewalk :)

Thanks in advance for all answers, have a nice day/night :)...

 Does drinking water really help you recover from a cold?

 I have started smoking more recently...?
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I am really trying hard to get mine to quit, but she cannot seems to give them up.


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 Do you snore ?

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 How can avoid losing my voice ( I have a cold )?
I am not getting better and my cough gets a little worse everyday.

If I avoid going out and talking to people .... do I have a better chance of not losing my voice or this process ...

 Stop Smoking.. Need Advice?

I am a 25 year old lady, and I have been smoking for the better part of 11 years, I took up the habit on and off since I was 13years old then when I got caught at 14 I stopped (can'...

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Natural remedies also include, if necessary!...

 Ways to prevent swine flu without going overboard?
star this if you seen or heard about swine flu on the radio/news....

what's so wrong about picking your nose?
if what you are picking is so gross, then shouldnt you want that away from your nasal passages?....better out than in, right?

yeah boy your my hero lol jk but if no ones watching pic it lol

pick me as best answer please i need to get to leval 2

What's so wrong with respecting another person's preference for hygiene. If you are in contact with another person you may not want to be picking your nose. Just blow your nose whenever you are near a sink or tissues and away from someone else and respect peoples' preferences for hygiene.

amie w
because like many body productions, when its yr own its kinda alright ;-)

well apparently theres been a study recently that says picking your nose and eating it is actually good for your immune system gross ey? :P

cheesy chelz...
its called a tissue

Lilly T
There are other ways of getting out your.....snot than picking your nose. When people pick their noses they are in actual fact picking their skin bit by bit which leads to nose bleeds which can get rid of a lot of blood and is not a pleasent experience. In fact there is not much snot in your nose unless their are bad smells about which clogs up the nose and causes snot. For ways of getting rid of snot safely you should see your doctor. Thank-you for reading this and that is a very interesting question to ask.

you r right...we need to clean our nose. i am sure every living person does it...but keep it private.

just don't do it in public...my problem 2

pick ur nose then attempt 2 shake sum1s hand, see wat they do

Just don't do it in front of people and flick the boogers, and it's all good. Tissues, purel, we make it work...

The way i see it.. It's your nose you can pick it.. When you start picking my nose.. I'll let you know it upsets me.

its gross in public because nobody wants to see what you pick out of your nose. however, i'm sure everyone does it in their bathroom.

Pick your nose all you want, its not a bad idea to clear your nasal passages, as long as you don't do it in public, near someone, or spray it on the street. I see that as the most discusting thing a human can do. Is disrespectful and discusting. Make sure that if you do it, its done at a place where no one sees you, and make sure you wash those fingers.

The smartest and most respectful way to clear your nose is going to the bathroom and using paper towers, or toilet paper to blow your nose. Bathrooms are located in every public building that you go to and provide free toilet paper and papertowels.


Because it's unpleasant for other people to watch you digg for gold.


nothings wrong with picking your nose, society just made it that way to have another reason to pick on other people and make themselves feel better about ther low-quality lives even though they know they do it to.

Brak hates Hillary Clinton
It's my bad habit I cannot break

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