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 Out of breath.................................?
has purfect yesterday. when sometimes i sit down i just get out of breath or like i nee a big sigh.

ok please dont critique me or anythiing but peer pressure set in on me on i did some of ...

 dumb thing i did. i smoked hookah. now i'm fearing ?
i went with a friend to smoke a hookah at a local hookah lounge. thinking it was ok and not as bad as smoking a cig. becuase of the fancy filtered water flavor and all. but now i read it is just as ...

 Ok so i get chest pains randomly sometime any ides.?
I can be sitting here and just randomly get chest pains like i am now i do smoke i am 16 and yes my parents know that i smoke i have not been on any medacations. i get these sevral times a day up to ...

 is it dangerous if i was sitting with people who were smoking HOOKAH ???

My husband needs to replace the gel in his nasal cpap mask, but just the gel piece. If you go to buy them you have to buy the whole nasal piece and that is very expensive.. Any ideas on where to get ...

 Blood pH for someone with chronic bronchitis?
What would their pH be around would it be more acidic or basic?...

 2 ways the REM sleep state is similar to drug induced altered states of consciousness. Give two ways they are?

 Is albuterol a type of steroid?
albuterol as in an inhaler. i hope this isn't a stupid question.

thank you in advance!! :]...

 what does rejuvenate mean?
Everyone says this and i don't know what it meens!...

 Household remedy for coughing?
I'm just wondering if theres anything I can take to help my coughing without having to take harsh cough medicines....

 Being still positive TB, but latent, I have problems.?
I had childhood TB back in the late 50's , and have always been positive since, and have many long term health problems from it. Well now I am coughing up alot of blood, and when I spit or blow ...

ok so i was eating cookies and i started choking. Im home all by myself and it was really scary and i was choking a long time and couldnt breathe very well and finally i started coughing it up. Its ...

 I Just stopped smoking. I feel like I have to hack every 2 minutes but nothing ever comes out? what is it?
I ha my last cigarette 3 days ago and I understand that my cilia is just cleaning my lungs out but nothing ever comes up. Its like Trying to clear your throat 600 times a day! I have tried mucilex,...

 chronic sinus congestion?
ok.....i have been to my doctor and he has no idea what im talking about...for many years i have had chronic sinus congestion...i have no allergies that i am aware of...basically the problem is it ...

 Bronchitis still???
I was told two and a half week ago that i had bronchitis and a upper respiratory infection. I was given antibotics and Mucinex DM. Well up until 3 days ago i was still producing mucous. I quit taking ...

 My nanna has just been coughing up bright red blood HELP PLEASE :(!?
My nanna is 68 years old, about 30 minutes ago she started coughing up bright red blood off her chest. She has asthma and last november had pneumonia. She also had a chest infection a couple of ...

 What will most likely happen if I have pneumonia and don't get it treated?
I don't have health insurance, a doctor, or the money for either of those. I already owe both emergency rooms quite a bit of money and I have no way of paying them now. I also don't have ...

 what's wrong with my voice?
what do you think is wrong with my voice?
it sounds nasal and slow and kiddish. It wasn't like this a couple of years ago. it was normal. I sound like i am whining all the time now. It ...

 PLEASE Compare and contrast the LUNGS AND THE KIDNEYS?

 would the doctor be able to tell if i'm bulimic?
Ok, so I'll start with saying that I'm bulimic and I'm not asking for your help or advice with that issue, so don't tell me i should get professional help...it's not going to ...

throat constriction??
So, very recently my throat has been feeling really constricted. It's at very random times. Its weird, It's like randomly in the middle of the day i'll notice that my throat feel's weird. I wouldn't exactly call it constriction, because it's not any harder to swallow, it just feels weird when I do. It feels like the area around my throat is swollen or something..I know it's probably nothing serious but what does it sound like?
Additional Details
I also have a stuffy nose and stuffy head, if that makes sense.

You could have a slight cold or a sinus infection. The swelling you notice may be inflammation of the lymph nodes at the base of the jaw.
If this gets worse or more bothersome, you may need some antibiotics to help combat the infection. Consult your doctor if things don't get better by the first of next week.
I hope you feel better soon, God bless.

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