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I know this is kinda vague.
10pts for best answer!...

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my husband has fluid on his lungs?
following the results of a X ray, my husband visited his GP and was told he has fluid on his lungs, he has been given water tablets, and a referal to a consultant, but hes on a waiting list of several months, he's breathless on exersion, easily tired, and has felt very poorly for months,
what could be causing the fluid, and is it serious ?
i'm really worried
Additional Details
he has been given 4/5 lots of anti biotics
over the lst 3/4 months, and had a kidney infection in sept, when he was really ill,

the water tablets should help remove the fluid give them time to work if he doesn't feel better in a week or two bring him to another dr. the fluid building up can make it not only hard to breath but put undo pressure on his heart. don't let him over-exert himself. Good luck.

Wayne K
If in any doubt, take him to your local A&E immediately.

The most common cause is CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). The heart is like a pump. It has a mechanical system and an electrical system. CHF is when the mechanical aspect of the pump is not working properly. Blood flows into the heart, is pumped into the lungs, then back to the heart to be sent back out into the body. CHF results in "back flow" of blood and fluid either into the lungs (if the right ventricle is affected) or the body (if the right atrium is affected). This is a serious condition not to be taken lightly. He needs to be sure he takes the water pills as directed with out fail. You and your husband are in my prayers.

Your GP was trying to explain the problem in layman's terms and seems not to have gotten across his message. "Fluid on the lungs" just doesn't convey much information. We might assume that he has congestive heart failure, but that's something of a diagnostic stretch. In the US, if he were one of those with good insurance, he'd doubtless have an echocardiogram and a consultation with a cardiologist within days, and it's my guess he'd find himself getting more tests and prescriptions for a beta-adrenergic blocker, an angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitor, and his diuretic rather quickly. We really don't know the diagnosis, but if he is in heart failure, the prognosis for people treated only with fluid pills is about a fifty percent survival at five years. That's improved considerably by modern treatments, so I hope (1) he has a less serious condition and (2) he can see the consultant more quickly than that. It may be that if, for instance, he wakes up short of breath at night, you might take the opportunity to game the system for quicker treatment by using the A&E. At the very least his GP should be able to give him additional steps of treatment and perhaps arrange for some of the testing.

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