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 Help me... I can't breathe too good!?
I've already asked about me having asthma and most said yes.

Its 12AM. I can't breathe, I'd say 1 second breaths and it really feels like I can't breathe.

I ...

 Hard time catching breath....?
Ok, so everyone on here has been awesome so far! I have "episodes" where I have a hard time catching my breath so I yawn and yawn and yawn until I get the "relief", I am a 23 yo M...

 Is it alright for me to run (with asthma) in this race ?
remembering that the race includes :

the distance is 10K - including " 5K run is an untimed family fun run, you can even do it in fancy dress!"
So will i be able to run it ...

 SIADH occurs in almost any lung pathology. why so and how?

 I have been coughing, with some wheezing, and spitting out a clear goo. What is wrong?
The clear saliva I have been spitting out looks like a clear slime. Sometimes my lungs feel like they hurt and I feel like I'm choking sometimes. What could be wrong?...

 How do you stop coughing?
My girlfriend has the worst cough ever. Yet she has no sign of a cold or the flu, has nothing caught in her throat, and has no sign of flem or anything. This has been going on for two weeks, and ...

 smoking and bleeding?
my brother is 19 years old he doesnt live with our family

he called my mom saying he bleeds every day

he smokes gets high
and loves weed

wat can he do to ...

 Hazard for humans from cigarette smoke?
Cant find the article for a research paper that would say when hazard for humans from cigarette smoke became a fact. And when is it started to appear on the packs of cigarettes. Please help!!!...

 Can narcotics contribute to the development of pneumonia?
I take prescribed narcotics for a medical condition. I have had pneumonia twice now. Any corelation between narcotics and pneumonia? I thought perhaps the depression of breathing might be a factor ...

 what is anxiety attacks?
what is anxiety attacks. lately ive been getting this feelings nervous dont know why....

 Can you help with remedies for a wicked cough?
My daughter and I both have this wicked cough. We have an appt w/ our Dr. but not till next week. We are both congested and I have tried many of the OTC cough syrups but none of them seem to be ...

 I have cold air induced asthma and I need a cold air exchange mask, which is a mask worn over the face and?
makes the cold air you breath warm. But the problem is I don't want a mask that is scary looking like the ones I have found online. I work in a day care and I don't want to scare the kids ...

 Will rhinoplasty help me breathe better?
I have trouble breathing through my nose. And, I have hit my nose so many times that it looks too big. Would rhinoplasty help me breathe better?...

 I just found out?
I am 35 years old and have been smoking since I was 17. I just found out today that I have Mild COPD. I am freaking out! I am going to start taking Chantix to stop smoking. I have a 9 year old son ...

 How do you get rid of a chest cold?

 How do you get rid of panic and anxiety attacks without using meds?

 Can tonsils become swollen due to a sinus infection?
About 3 days ago I started getting a sinus infection. I had a short mild fever and an all around case of the yucks. Then yesterday morning I had a large amount of bloody/rusty colored drainage come ...

 Is it possible for the air sacs in your lungs to burst?
I was just wondering if it was possible for air sacs in the lungs to burst due to trying to inhale more air than it could take. If it is possible, then will you be able to survive if some but not all ...

 What's the best way?
to get rid of a viral infection in the throat..antibiotics are no ...

 What causes a person to cough after running?

simple me
i cant breath good & hurts my chest?
im 31 yrs old, last night i got up because my chest is hurting me & i couldnt breath good, i tried to breath slowly but it get worse, i put 2 pillows in my head just to get back to sleep, this the 2nd time it happened to me...i dont know what it cause...

Courtney H
you should definitely go and see a doctor because you don't want to risk hurting yourself even more by not going

I would go to the ER, breathing issues are a top priority. You must go to the doctor, it could be many things. Do not take any heavy duty pain medications in the meantime (if you take them at all). If you need help sleeping tonight you should sit at a desk and put a pillow on the table and put your head on that (it makes breathing easier with less pressure on your diaphragm and better chest expansion). Feel better!

John Justin Garcia
Do you feel like your suffocating? Try opening up some windows. If this helps you could have some allergies. Does your nose hurt also or do you feel pressure?

go to the doctor it sounds like u have asthma and are getting stuff like asthma attacks

hollister homie
if you smoke, then its obvious what is causing these probs, but if not, see a doctor because you could have respirartory problem

cmt PR
There are three reasons for chest pain.

One would be you're having a heart attack. The only way to know is to get an EKG test ASAP. It can also be checked by a defibrillator used by paramedics when they place the electrodes on your chest area.

The second reason would be heartburn which is so strong that gets confused for a heart attack. You still would need medication.

And the third would be costochondritis that is an inflammation of the rib's junctions to the breastbone. Since it's so close to the heart it also gets confused for a heart attack and you still need anti-inflammatory medication.

So my best advice for you is to go to the nearest emergency room and tell them you have chest pain so you can get checked quickly. Don't wait until the worst thing happens.

Go for your own good.

Best Wishes!!!

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