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how to stop sweating in PE?
i have PE, and afterwards i get really gross and sweat shows through my shirt, especially on the back. i sweat really easily. any help?

I have no idea.

Take a shower!!!!. my body does the same. I sweat a lot o i take so many showers. I noticed when i used underarmour it helps me not sweat during the hot days when im just walking outside. However in your case no. don't stop trying to sweat either. Get physical and start to work out in hotter weather that might help with the sweating a bit. but then you sweat alot in hot workouts so you wouldn't want to be around your friends.

Learn to be yourself i kinda just started to get used to it. I realized if a girl liked me she wouldn't care if i was sweaty, but they know i take like 4 showers a day atleast lmao. and always use spray and deodorant and such

antiperspirant. maybe try a spray one and just spray it all over.

change your shirt?

you cant stop sweat unless you dont do anything or very little of something

sit in a cool place and DO NOT move at any cost

Try eating salt tablets.

take a break


Master Mechanic
dip yourself in a vat o epoxy resin, then dont drink any fluids for the oncoming 3 weeks previous to PE

You can get deodrent for people who sweat easily from the pharmacy

Isabella S
Well i don;t have much to offer but you could try bringing a separate shirt for gym and then changing back into your other shirt afterward, can you do that? so that your shirt won;t have any sweat stains. Also you can bring a deodorant/antiperspirant to put on before and after gym. That's all I've got. Good luck!

♥ veronica ♥
stop running around so much, wear tanks tops, wear a lot of deoderant

do you use deodorant?

i sweat easy too.
bring deorterant, an extra tshirt, and a rag. white your sweat on the rag. if you arnt comfortable doing this in the locker room, go to the bathroom and do it.

also bring a fan or somethin to cool you down

wear a light-weight and loose fitting t-shirt and shorts. Put your hair up (especially bangs if you have them--they'll look really gross after if they get sweat on them). Avoid coffee, tea, and spicy foods, because they'll make you sweat more. If you talk to your doctor or a pharmacist they can prescribe something. Suggest doing swimming, yoga, or something physically active but more relaxing. Some gym teachers will take these suggestions seriously because today they're all about "making gym fun."

um... dont do PE?

When you exercize, you loose water. The proccess of cooling is "sweating" therefore you are sweatty. The more fit you are, the less you sweat, because its easier and ur stronger.

Also u sweat in hot weather because ur body is cooling using water.

Michael J
I'm sure you're not the only sweaty person during PE. That's kind of the point of the class now isn't it. Just make sure you shower afterwards....

sweating is part of being a human being. its normal. u cant stop sweating. its impossible to fix something like that. its not like a headache

Rachel B
stop trying so hard.

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