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 im sick but i have no idea what i have?
i have a sore throat, stuffy/ runny nose and and sometimes im cold then warm on and off....

 a freind of mine has bad breath smell what could be the couse?

 What can i do to not smoke?
I am on my third day of being a non smoker yesterday my head was banging all day and i did not feel well today i am the same and really want to smoke what can i do i am not using anything just will ...

 coughing out blood after quiting smoking what does that mean!!!?
One of my friends quit smoking and now he is coughing out blood what does it mean!...

 How long can a person be on a ventilator in an ICU?
I'm looking for the medical community to answer this one. I have a debate going with a doctor, so if you could site where I could find the info, that would be helpful as well.

If a ...

what is a TB infection?...

 Do I have asthma or is it normal?
I wheeze when I'm sick I get short of breath when I exercise. When i run halfway through a mile i start panting and i run out of breath but my legs are not tired. Is this asthma or common? sorry ...

 Throat problems?
Hi, for the past few weeks(about 3-4) my throat and the back of my nose where it joins my throat has been really congested with phlegmy stuff. It is worse at night and in the morning but sometimes it ...

 I was running in the cold and got real short of breath, It felt like there were stickers in my throat coughing
The stickers felt like they were at the bottom of my throat and I couldnt stop coughing (choking) for 2 hours....

 how to stop smokin, help help?
they taste sooo good, cigarellos and everything, tastes so good but i gotta quit for the marines, so help me, how do i quit? be ...

 I seem to have developed asthma in A & E 5 times can anyone suggest treatment other than inhalers?
lady of 55 . Diagnosed few yrs ago by homeopath with candida major problems controlling weight although have healtly diet and do some exercise. Doctor has aslo referrred me to ...

 is chewing tobacco a good substitute for smoking?
i don't smoke, nor do i chew tobacco!
i'm justt doingg a reportt on tobacco & i can't find any good websites & other stuff likee thatt!
please help! (: thanks!...

 What type of blood has no oxygen in it?
please help i need it by ...

 Does anyone know if there is a certain color for a cystic fibrosis awareness ribbon?
A close friend died from it this year,and I was wanting to put the ribbon on my class ring....

 is it really dnagerous to smoke weed while carrying a child?

 When I sleep, I sometimes can't breathe and I wake up, what is it?
I've had this for years. Sometimes it worries me a little bit. I would wake up gasping for air. Can this kill me?...

 How can ppl say 2nd hand smoke is more dangerous?
This has been obvious to me for a long time but I just wanna see what you guys think.

So people keep saying that a single cigarette causes more second hand smoke damage to people around ...

 Cannot Breathe, Inhalers out...?
Two days ago, I suddenly could not breathe. It's been getting worse since today and my inhalers empty. My mother told me not to 'abuse' the inhaler, but that's to late... I don�...

 what medicines help sleep apnea?
medicine for sleep ...

 Smoking monopoly money Harmful or not?
My friends and i smoked a roll of paper money we didnt breathe it in we just kept it in our mouths and blew back out like smoking smarties can! cAN THIS BE HARMFUL AT ALL IN ANY WAY...

how do your lungs get scared. If you don't smoke or do things like that to your body.?

lungs have feelings? like of fear? i've never heard of anyone's lungs being scared, so i don't think that's something you should be worrying about.

jen k
What do you mean "scared?" Do you mean scarred?

The Great One
There is such a thing as second hand smoking. When somebody else smokes near you and you inhale the smoke, it is called second hand smoking.

Hope that helps.

this can happen when you go out in the winter and it is really really cold, you could have had a really bad cold when you were younger lots of reason's

If you had Pnemonia

Tenn Gal
Scarring is caused by pneumonia and some other diseases that are not caused by smoking.

John S
I think you mean scarred, Sonya. Pneumonia can can cause scars on the lungs if they're not cleared out properly after treatment. All sorts of insoluble things like asbestos dust, or any material which doesn't break down will cause scars. The lungs can repair themselves if the scarring material breaks down or is absorbed - even tobacco smoke, if you stop early enough.
But if the damaging material isn't removed, it can be fatal, like asbestosis.

Chelsea M
If U Dont Smoke
And U INhalle It Its JUst As Bad
As Smoking.

If You Have A Big Fire Lyk A Dangerous Ones
YOu Inhale Smoke And Stuff
THats Also Bad

asthma can cause scarring and pneumonia or the flu really bad, and respiratory problem can do it

Matt A
Scarring is the result of chronic inflammation. Sometimes called airway remolding, scars form in the airway when they are inflamed from conditions such as asthma, pneumonia, pneumonitis, bronchiectasis, emphysema and so on.

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