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 could this be a chest cold?
ive been having tightness in the chest and just alittle chest pain but no coughing.
and hard to take deep breathes for 2 days now what does anyone think it is?
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 How can I break up the mucus in my lungs besides showers and hot drinks and all my meds?
I tried pineapple juice.
Any really good hints that works?
It starts in sinuses and ends up in lungs.
Every month!
I do have asthma and am tired of going tot he doc and takings ...

 I'm having breathing problems...help!?
I can only breathe out of one nostril out of time, which makes it hard for me to breathe properly and even speak sometimes. Sometimes my left nostril is very stuffy, and sometimes it is my right, but ...

 How much damage can smoking do to you at the age of 13?
I have never smoked, but there are people only 13 that do. I am just wondering how much damage they will receive.
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Oops, I wasn't clear enough. I will never, ever ...

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 what does this medical term mean?"accentuated hilar and basal broncho-vescuar markings"?

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 do we swallow spiders in our sleep? and if yes, wouldn't that be dangerous?
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 Could someone please answer a question.?
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 How long does sinus pain last following sinitus?
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 How do I know if I have asthma?
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 if you tested negative for tb but were exposed to active tb do you have to take the medication inh to protect?

 If i feel like this am i sick?
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 How many of y'all tend to get a bad cold just in time for Christmas? ?
Not chatting just a real true question.
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 I quit Smoking 2 weeks ago?
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 How do you know when you are having an anxiety attack?

 Panic Attack for no reason?
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Why is this happening and how can I stop ...

 What is the breathing device called that they send home with you from the hospital? Non RX?
It is made of plastic, has a tube, and you exhale into it for a period of time and try to make the ball go higher....

melanie l
having a hard time breathing?
for the last few weeks I have been having a hard time breathing. It feels like I am breathing through a straw especially when i am going to bed. I have been trying to reach my doctor to go see him but no such luck yet so i was wondering if anyone had any idea what the problem could be or what I can do to help it? I have it mainly at night time so the only way I can sleep is sitting up. thanks for the help.

You should go to the doctor asap. there might be something wrong with your health

Please go to the emergency room of your local or primary hospital. Having breathing difficulty is not something to play with. Better safe than sorry. Take care of you.

Are you overweight? Because if you lay down flat your belly may be obstructing your breathing. Do you snore? Maybe you have really large tonsils that obstruct your breathing? Find a new doctor that will actually see you. If the difficulty increases, go to your nearest emergency room.

go see a doctor laser i have asthma but i breath fine now

Sounds like asthma, purse your lips to help with airflow, if breathing becomse too difficult, go to the ER or call 911.

see your doctor.

you probably developed asthma or another kind of breathing problem. I suffered from asthma for 22 years now and I know alot about that stuff. too be on the safe side go to the doctor and they can tell you exactly what you have and give you the meds that you needto take to help you out with the breathing.

you have to consult a physician regarding your health condition.if you're a smoker, stop smoking now...

maybe you have problem in your respiratory symtem. if you feel difficulty of breathing, just relax and take a deep breath...dont wear tight shirts, always wear comfortable clothes. get enough rest and sleep everyday.

you better go to the doctor thats the best thing you must do..

You should get tested for sleep appnea [wrong spelling]..
but i had it when i was younger, and only at night when i would fall asleep [i must have been 1.5-2 years old] and i would have to sleep with my mom, and she always held onto my hand becuase i would stop breathing in the middle of the night. ... I was also 1 month pre-mature. Mom took me to the doctor for this, and recently after the appointment they took my ad-noids out. Becuase they were very large for my small body...
... so i would go and check that out, if you still hve your ad-noids... .. !!!
good luck

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