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 Do we have hair in our lungs?!?!?!?!?
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 i have a sore throat and i need to have it better for friday for singing what can i do ?
Pleasee Help

Dont Know What To D...

 how to keep up with so many cpap patients for followups?

does smoking make it harder to breath?
just wondering if you people that smoke have a harder time breathing..?

like after you brush your teeth and breath in heavy do you still get that tingly feelin in your lung?

lol just wondering.

well duh it will and can die at a early age to i nver smoked but my dad does and he is dying slowly and i tell him to stop

I dont get the tingly feeling in my lung after i brush my teeth lol but sometimes i have trouble breathing.
Your lungs just hurt when you run and you cant hold your breath for as long as non smokers usually.

zeeoN :D
i think it does. my friend smokes and he coughs all the time

I have never smoked but the smoke has to be an irritant to the lungs. Over time you could develop bad breathing problems if you smoke.

Yes, smoking is a direct irritant to the entire airway starting with your mouth and nose and going all the way down into the air sacs of your lungs. The environment can and does cause respiratory problems as so many smokers like to point out in defense of smoking...I fail to see how that justifies further abuse of the lungs. When you brush your teeth, you are only cleaning your mouth which is also part of your digestive tract, it does not clean your lungs or freshen the air that comes out of the lungs, it just freshens your mouth. That is why smoker breath is hard if not impossible to hide.

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