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Dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath, occasional headaches.

I can't run. I physically can't because it's too hard to breathe.

I'm about 155cm tall and ...

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i am scared cuz my doctor is saying that probably i have asthma and some allergy becase some times i really cant breath and i am scared what should i do?
i am only 13...

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iv been having chest pains and they are in the middle of my chest and have shortness of breath when they come about, someone told me to quit smoking immediatly whats the best way?
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yesterday i woke up with 102 fever and today i woke up with 104 fever so my mom took me to the hospital and they said i had pneumonia
Additional Details
or atleast ...

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I stay up a lot and don't get much sleep but when I do try to go to sleep or try to dose off it's hard to breathe..
I don't think it's sleep apnea because I don't sleep ...

 I have asthma & bought an air purifier that produces ozone at 7-10 mg per hour. Is this harmful?

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 When I run I can't breathe... Asthma or something else?
This may seem like an odd question to post on Yahoo! Q+A but I figured I'd wing it out there before eventually making a Dr. appointment somewhere. Ever since high school I've had a hard ...

 are roll ups worse for you than ciggerettes?
i recently switched to them because they are cheaper than ciggerettes and i use filters....

does long hours on the computer cause noise bleeds in children?
My son is 12 years old and he recently have started staying long hours on the computer since he's out of school. I notice he has frequent noise bleeds when he stays on the computer more than 30 minutes. Is there any evidence that this could be the reason for the noise bleeds

I'm Ecstatic!!
Noise bleeds?? I've never heard of that, you need to get your child checked quick!!


Dust ~
You just want an excuse to take the computer away; you don't need an excuse. Put your foot down. The nose bleeds could be serious, but it's a medical problem not a disciplinary problem.

It's time for you to become a detective, Mom. An 1/2 hr on the computer should be no different than an 1/2 hr reading a book or watching television. He is doing something different during his computer time that he is not doing during any other low energy activity. I'm guessing his computer is not in a "family" area that is observable from other areas in the house or you would have already observed what is going on prior to and at the time that his nosebleeds start. I suggest you change the location of his computer while he is still in the "trainable" stage.

My guess is that you will find he is picking his nose or putting something in his nose without being aware of what he is doing.

do u mean nose bleeds? and i doubt that they r related. i stay online for hours at a time and dont get nose bleeds. even when i was younger (like about 11 or 12) i was on the computer a lot on games and studying and still never got nose bleeds.

Crappy Haircut Girl
... I'm 13, I spend about 6 hours a day on the computer if not more, I've had one nosebleed in my life, and that was because I slammed my nose into something...

I am just venturing a guess here, but many rooms have AC vents along the walls which, due to room layout, end up over the computer desk. If this is the case, it might follow that the dry air is causing his nasal passages to dry up.

Also, have you spent time with him while he is on the computer and watched his behaviours in order to see any potential causes?

If it happens after as little as 30 mins, you should be able to spot the cause fairly quickly if it is an external source.

the crusader
I haven't heard of anything like this. However, it certainly sounds like a good reason to get him off the computer and outside to do something active, doesn't it? He's 12 years old and summer vacation is almost over. Unplug the computer and tell him to enjoy his vacation while he can.

Unplug the computer, give him some water to hydrate him and make him read a good book or two.

I can't think of anything computer related that would give him nosebleeds. Maybe he's allergic to something around the computer, or it's just a coincidence.
Frequent nose bleeds shouldn't be taken lightly. I'm surprised that you haven't taken him to a docter already.

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