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 What could be wrong with my boyfriend? I don't think it's strep or bronchitis?
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ok ok ok i spelt flu ...

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Why is my right nostril always stuffed up when i wake up??...

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some of the pleasure derived from smoking cigarettes is really due to the relief of unpleasant nicotine withdrawal symptoms.


 ok i t think i am addicted to cigarettes?
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 Do I have strep throat it has been hurting sense yesterday morning?
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 can i buy antibiotic medicine with out a perscription?
if yea, where??????


 i really need help with a sore throat?
i have had a sore throat for a few days now and i need to get rid of it by Saturday. please help....

 can a person live without there lungs?

Krystal TTC#1
coughed up mucus, Did it come from my stomach?
So I am just getting over a cold. My voice changed as well from having so much mucus stuck in my throat area. This whole time I tried coughing it out. Today I felt like I should just throw it all up. I didn't even need to force the vomit out it just came out like it was supposed too.
There was a whole bunch of green mucus and food (from my dinner) sorry too much information!
I was just wondering if there was mucus in my stomach as well besides my throat area cause there was a lot!?

and I did go to the doctors they gave me medicine that is helping me with my cough but not helping me get better due to the side effects that causes me to get dizzy. And I work tomorrow morning so I just want to feel better for the few hours that I work.
Additional Details
LOL you fail at life too!!! =D

Britney Smears

mucus from the stomach may mean you are swallowing a lot of it as the cells in stomach lining are not associated with the making of mucus. to much mucus in the stomach can make one nauseous and even cause vomiting. involuntary strong coughing can trigger a gag reflex and perhaps initiate vomiting. guafenisen can reduce the amount of mucus in the lungs, but there is little to reduce the cough. some over the counter meds (ask your pharmacist) may help reduce the coughing but the best known cough suppressant is coediene and you definetly need a prescription for any cough suppressant containing it.

since you mention its thick then you might try drinking more fluids, stay away from the heavy suguary kind and milk.

Most, almost all of this mucus comes from the throat area, this includes the esophagus. The bronchial tubes leading to the lungs are the ones infected and some of the mucus runs down the esophagus naturally because of the location. Don't worry just let it go.

Yes there is mucous in your stomach when you have a cold. The mucous from your sinuses and throat end up in your stomach. Try a decongestant. :)

The mucus is coming from your nose, which drips down your throat. When you cough, air is coming up, along with the mucus, and so it is more coming from your lungs and esophogus.

From your throat mainly and is normal when getting over colds. The medicine has to breakdown the phlegm prior to you coughing it up so you might need a day or two off work.

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