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 Coughing that makes you Vomit? Whooping Cough?
Hi all.
I have had a violent cough for almost 6 weeks now...
Tonight after yet again vomiting my nice dinner up after a 1 min coughing fit I decided to visit the doctor I have seen for the ...

 im sick, what can i do to get better ...?
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 i have bronchiectasis ........my right lung is fine...i have infections frequently with brown color of phelgum?
i cannot sleep on leng side.....i have infections all the time...is there any solution to get rid of this mucus all the time....i fell embrassed....want to break up with my bf bcoz i think i cannot ...

 What should I do about an uneven chest?
My chest is not even. Its reallly uneven. Ive seen doctors, andi was soposto get a breast reduction but the insurance wont cover it. It makes me really uncomfortable and i cant wear fitted t shirts ...

 n95 mask effectivity period?
on the case of h1n1,how many hours does an n95 mask can be worn before changing a new one?...

 What is the best way to play through an asthma attack?
First of all my doctor says I should try to play through asthma attacks as best as I can. I want to be able to separate myself from the pain of an asthma attack so that I can feel the pain without ...

 i think i may have pneumonia again?
so back in mid november i was sick, {tired, drained, and really bad coughing though no flem was comming up] i missed like 2 days of school just until i went to m family doctor. when i went he said i ...

 how can I see a doctor quicker?
I am having problems with my nose. It is allergic and there are lots of fluid coming out of my nose. I could not sleep more than 4 hours a night with it. I want to see a nose specialist, but the ...

 How many people know about the Disease called SARCOIDOSIS?
SARCOIDOSIS is a unknown disease and I would like to know how many people know and under stand this disabling disease. If you people out there do not know what it is then try put in your computer ...

 What to expect at apnea overnight sleep clinic test?
I've been given this overnight appointment with no info so I don't know what to expect at all. Can anyone advise please and does anyone out there have experience of sleep apnea?...

 A friend took 40 puffs of inhaler to get high?
A friend of my brothers just called and told him that he took 40 puffs of his albuterol inhaler TO GET HIGH. I'm an asthmatic and two puffs gets my heart racing, I'm sure 40 is enough to ...

 asthumia! please help i have been having a hard time breathing.?
i had asthumia since i was three ... know everyday i wake upp i need my nebulizor or ihalor right awaya and i will need it in the middle fr classes in school. what triggering it like this?

 What to do for sinus drainage?
I am having constant sinus drainage. Been to dr. 4 times including a ct scan that reviled clear sinuses. Tried a crap load of otc stuff, that didn't work. drainage is giving me tummy aches too. ...

 sharp pain on the left side of my back, trouble breathing?
i toyed with the idea of a collapsed lung because i fit all the symptoms but i don't know.

the pain is more of somewhere in my back area on the left side, below my heart, it hurts ...

 Does anyone know where a hypnosis for quiting smoking is in Bakersfield CA.?

 would i enjoy a job as a respiratory therapist , or pharmacy tech?
what are the job duties?...

 why can i only breath through one side of my nose?
idk why but ever since i was little i can only breath though the right side of my nose, and the left never works. i don't have a cold or anything like that and i'm not stuffed up. any ideas?...

 Syrup instead of honey?
Is it possible I could drink syrup instead of honey with milk? I have a bad cough and I just found out there were ants inside the jar of honey. So now I'm just fresh out of honey at home. I'...

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My mom says that she smoke a little bit but I dont think so. Please help me find out how to make her not smoke....

 Why is BAHA important to bilateral microtia case?
My son has the same case and the doctors are recommending the procedure....

chest pain? 17 year old girl?
Im 17, and i have been having chest pains since summer. I have bveen to theER several times, and each time its the same thing, its blood tests, ECG, and an x-ray of my chest. I havebeen to clinics, and my family doctor who told me to go to a specialist. im awaiting my results for an altra sound for over a month now. my next appointment to get the results back is in 2 weeks. ive been searching for atleast a month to find ANYTHING. but i just dont know what it is. I get a pain in my chest that feels either- throbbing, stabbing, or just there. sometimes it lasts from 1-2 hours, and sometimes only a few minutes. Sometimes i get a sharp pain that makes my body shift (spasm), i even once hit a pop can off the lunch table beyond my control, this lasts for only about 20-30 seconds sometimes even less. i feel lightheaded/dizzy alot, i have a hard time breathing sometimes, and the pain is outrageous. it switches from my left side to my middle to my right side and even my back and calves. and the pain shoots to my hip aswell and my arms, aswell as my hands will not grasp onto anything hard because it hurts and i have not enough energy to even grasp my pensil. my blood tests and ecgs and xrays are normal. what do you think it is?
Additional Details
pencil i meant

Carl W
Stop smoking!

do you smoke ? drink ? drugs ???

Oh my gosh.
I have this aswell, i've had it for about 7 months now.
Its random pains constantly around my chest but it can sometimes be in my back and sometimes sides and front.
I associate it with the lungs, but i too have been Heart Monitored, Lung Cancer and Saracoidosis scanned and blood tested and all came back with no problems at all.
Its furstrating because due to the lack of evidence i have received back off my doctor and the tests, i think im starting to make people believe im faking it but im really not.
It has left me gasping for air, and occasionally makes me weezy at night.
Its just like uncomfort sometimes, then sharp pains and then amazingly sharp pains and theres no explanation for it.
What i have gathered though is ways to temporarily relieve it. I have a Steam Inhaler, which basically consists of a cup with a special nose and mouth piece attached. Fill it up with boiling water and then depending on what i feel like, i add a few drops of either Lavender, or Eucalyptus oil.
Lavender Vapour has been prooven to relieve spasms in the lungs.
Its a good thing to put in the bath.
Eucalpytus focuses on cleaning your lungs out and opening airways, making it easier to breath. (Kind of like when you have a Menthol Sweet or chewing gum).
Something else i thought about was a Physco-Symatic illness.
Basically this is when you constantly worry about how weird it mis that you have this illness and that there seems to be no cure or no explanation for it. And basically, the pain is there, but your mind exaggerates the pain, so it appears to be a lot more painful than what it really is. So one of the Alveoli's (Air sacs) in your lungs was infected and had problems transferring oxygen to your blood stream, it would give you a pain, but then it would appear to you to be a much worse illness like a Cancer.
WHAT YOU MUSTNT DO!!!!!!! is look on the internet for reasons as to why your experiencing the pain. If you tried typing those symptons into google you'd get something like Cancer, Saracoidosis or Tuberculosis results immediately, and it makes the Physco-Somatic illness 10 times worse.
It bothered me a lot i thought i would end up being one of those unsolved deaths and noone had any idea from autopsy results. But Im not letting myself stress about it anymore because it was killing me, the stress of it was what gave me the Dizziness and Tiredness. Its just kind of fitted into my lifestyle now so i tend to ignore it when it arises. And i think its gotten better as times progressed, im sure it will do the same for you.
Good Luck =]

I used to get pains in my chest when I was on the pill. If you're not on the pill, it's possible that you have anxiety or panic attacks (I've never heard of them lasting as long as 2 hours, though). At 17, you have a lot of hormones anyway, and could be related to that.

I recommend acupuncture, if the doctors can't find anything soon.

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