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..life sucks..
chest hurts!!!! really bad chest cough!!!!! HELP?
had a cold 2 weeks ago, it disappeared for a few days and now its back.. even worse

my chest hurts every time i cough, and it stays hurting after i cough, and just when the pain decreases slightly, the next cough comes and freshens up the pain again.. awfull

ive been having simple linctus and "sudafed" which the pharmacist recommended me.. hasn't worked at all
and yes im coughing up phlegm

nose is VERY runny

had extreme coughing fits yesterday where my face went all red, felt so hot, started sweating, and my ears felt like they were going to burst with pain!

help!!!! me!!!!!!!!!!

the doctors told me to call in 2 days for an evening appointment, because i cant make a daytime one...

so until then.... what shall i do????

i don't want to go to school coughing because last time everyone just used to seem really annoyed every timee i coughed, and i cant afford to miss school because exams are coming uppppppp

you really need to see the dr..sounds like you have pneumonia

You should have got a doctors appointment during the day sooner and cancelled what ever you was doing, secondly sounds very much like a severe chest infection, i would of said bronchitis but that doesn't usually come with a runny nose so im not too sure, however honey is apparently meant to be really good for that kind of problem, stay at home in bed, get plenty of fluids and rest and get the school to email you any work etc. hope you feel better real soon :D x

you antibiotics from your GP

You could have bronchitis. (and YES, you can have a VERY runny nose because it happens to me ALL the time). It could also be pneumonia- I was able to walk around outside and go to a concert w/ pneumonia- of course it was painful.
Don't go to school. Just rest(:
(PS i have asthma and have a terrible sounding chronic cough and people always stare in disgust at me(:

keep yourself extra warm. Have loads of spicy foods. Warm drinks. Build yourself up to boost the immune system.

Make your you are getting sufficient sleep.

Take lemsip. Build up on citrus fruits too.

probably you are injuring muscles and your torax so it hurts, not the lungs, more external. If you surrender to the will to cough as much as you feel like, you end up hurting the throat and it itches and goes round and round. Focus on controling the cough. Honey is very good and a little bit every now and then will keep the throat smooth and control cough. Dont cough to strong nor too much, relax and just clean the throat a little. Stay home IN BED, eating good food, soup and watching tv. Remaining at rest speeds up recovery, whenever i could afford being laid down all day, got better many times faster than when not resting. It is better to recover faster and than study a little more than to be still sick. Dont worry about the pain, its probably too much "exercise".

the fact that you've got a runny nose aswell indicates is more likely to be a chest infection. not pneumonia as the other person said here! If you had pneumonia you would have a lot of pain and not be on the computer for a start!
Don't go to school, they can send you work to do at home and get some antibiotics asap. Meanwhile get as much steam as you can which helps a lot. Some people also say licorice is good for coughs although i havent tried that one yet!

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