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 Lost Voice?
This morning I woke up and it felt like there was a lot of mucus in my chest, making me cough and it hard to breathe. At this time I had my voice. I took Mucinex then I lost my voice. Is there any ...

 medacation help????????????
i found some pills thier kind peach colored and their hexagon shaped and have w 741 on one side can anyone tell me what theses are ...

 help with smoking?
i just found out that my friend who is 11 and in 6th grade along with me and he has offered me cigs before what should i do i want to try but i don't know what to ...

 Does smoking weed from a vaporizer produce a smell? ?
Is it safe to even smoke weed out of a vaporizer?...

 what causes sleep apnea?

 Worried about 3 weeks of a sore throat, phlegm, weight loss and more...Doctor can't figure it out?
Hi guys. For the last three weeks I've had a whole crop of symptoms. I'm 19 and since those three weeks I have woken up to a very dry sore throat, with phlegm i my sinuses. It used to be ...

 may I know what non-specific pneumonitis mean? how it is acquired,treated and prevented?
My chest x-ray test showed that there are steaky infiltrates found in my lower lung field both sides and the doctor's impression is non specific pneumonitis....

 What does an antibiotic do to an ear infection that has fluid behind it?
I have an ear infection and have fluid behind it. Every since I was 3 I had an ear infection and strep throat all the time!!! I got my tonsils out and tubes in my ears in 2000. That got rid of a lot ...

 Please help! Any advice from doctors?
I started a little over a week ago with a cough. I went to the doctors because I've been known to get bronchitis every year (I have asthma). Anyway, I went to the doctor on my college campus, ...

 Lung Infection?
How long does it last? I think it's something else.It's been a month,
That's what the doctor diangosed me with.
Additional Details
He also put me on steriods and had ...

 i have sleep apnea & have used a cpap for 4 mths it has helped but still i have no energy what can i do?

 Please, if you smoke pot, answer this question?
When you are blazed out of your mind, what are somethings you do. Personally, i listen to music, watch random videos on youtube, and watch tv. There has got to be more fun things that are out there....

 I have a 12 year old daughter with asthma and allergies who has been having dry hacky cough for over a month ?
We have been to specialists and asthma dr and many medication changes and so far haven't had any relief of her signs and symptoms and she has missed a lot of school. She is weak pale and has ...

 i am taking Iow doses of methotrexate for psoraisis ,side effects?

 night sweats?
anyone know besides going to a dr. what you can do for nite sweats?...

 Anyone ever heard of Popcorn Lung?
Overheard it on the news the other night, but didnt get the full story, What exactly is it?
Additional Details
does anyone know what the additive was called? I eat microwave popcorn a ...

 Question about 3rd hand smoking?
I smoke and my boyfriend does not. That being said, I never smoke in my condo or in my car. He is often around me when I am smoking when we are outside and I know 2nd hand smoke may be an issue but ...

 How can you make your asthma better?
My asthma is so bad I can't even go 2 hours without it...anybody know how to make it better?...

 why cant my father have lung transplant?
my father had a tripple heart bypass sevral years ago couple of week later after the op he was finding it very difficult to breath properly after several visits to the specialist they realised that ...

 i have a friend who keeps getting chest infections, anti biotics & steroids clear it but it just keeps coming?
coming back, anyone know of any natural preventatives/cures please....

Why are you more susceptible to getting Pneumonia if you've had it before?
I often hear that once you get Pneumonia, your chances of getting it again are significantly higher than those who have never had it. Wouldn't your antibodies make you less susceptible? Or do your lungs get weakened by the initial infection?

Please explain!

i think the lungs get weak

It is not the question of immunity. All the factors that are present in your body that caused the initial infection like low resistance, body makeup, genetic predilection are still there. So you can get another attack of pneumonia.
As for the acquired immunity, the strains that cause pneumonia undergo rapid mutation making your antibodies useless, well almost useless.

Sara R
You usually get pneumonia from a reoccurring bacteria infection like bronchitis. If it is not treated bronchitis turns into pneumonia. this can have a dramatic affect on your lungs. My brother had it once very bad & is a very health guy at 19 but certain activities make him out of breath as if he has asthma. He doesn't the pneumonia weakened his system.

Matt A
I agree with both cyberdoc and dinty moore.

Much like cyberdocs answer, If you like to ride bikes then you're more susceptible to having a bike wreck.

And like Dinty says, if you damage something it is a little weaker then it was before.

Dinty Moore
To the degree that your lungs are damaged by the original infection, they become more susceptible to recurrent infections. In addition if you have systemic comorbidities that contributed to the original infection (diabetes, chronic lung disease, sinusitis) these also will contribute to the likelihood of repeat infection.

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