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Why am I told to wash my mouth really well after using Advair?
What will happen if I don't? Has anyone been prescribed Advair for Extreme Asthma? Is it helping you? Any negative side effects? Thanks for all answers. Cheers!

if you dont't it can cause Thrush. I got it. Not fun.

Advair seems to work well for me, I havnt noticed any side effects.

Advair has a corticosteroid in it. When you use it and don't rinse your mouth out, you can get a fungal infection called "thrush" which show up as splotchy white patches inside your mouth and on your tongue. Rinsing after every Advair use can help eliminate the fungal infections. I have Advair for my asthma, although I never use it since my asthma is mostly seasonal.

Like the 2 said above, Advair is a corticosteroid. To avoid getting oral thrush, as well as washing your mouth out you can use a spacer. It also makes it a bit easier to coordinate taking the medication, but makes it awkward to take around with you. My suggestion is leaving your spacer next to your bed and taking it either morning or night.

I'm not on advair, but i'm on a different corticosteroid. It made a huge different to my exercise induced asthma - but it takes a few weeks for the drug to build up in your body to give you benefits. Be patient and keep taking it!

Advair has a steroid in it, which if you don't rinse out, will cause you to develop an oral fungus, also known as thrush. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that your rinse out your mouth after each Advair use.

kaye kaye
I have been taking Advair, I was just recently diagnosed with asthma (the asthma attacks are so frightening...aren't they?)
I was just told that the medication in Advair will "tear up" the inside of your mouth (since some of it comes to rest there and doesn't make it into your lungs).
I haven't had any negative side effects other than forgetting to wash out my mouth afterwards and getting a sore tongue and gums from it. I don't think it is working very well for me and I am going to talk to my dr. about changing it, I am still having a lot of wheezing.
If you haven't gone to the pharmaceutical company (who makes Advair) website....you should, you can get coupons for your medications sent to you no matter if you have insurance or what your income is....every little bit helps.

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