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delicate hearts,
When i blow my nose, a thick blood like mucus comes out?
I can't breathe through my nose currently, as it's all blocked. I can temporary unblock it by blowing my nose, but two minutes later, it's blocked again. I don't know why this is, but each time i've been blowing my nose, a thick blood streaky mucus appears on the tissue, and it's really thick. There was quite a bit of blood in it earlier, and it actually worried me. Not to be gross, but i've got tonsillitis already and i've been on penicillin for the past week. Why is this happening?

I thought this question might fit into the Respiratory Diseases Category, as well as Infectious Diseases.

whoaaa. have you been to the doctor??? you might have something called sinutis. if so, don't take any aspirin because it could make it worse. definitly see your doctor though :o

Idk why it's doing that.Maybe go to a doctor for them to check it out.It could be a problem.

could be you cut the inside eof your nose or maybe you should see your doctor soon it could also be a nose bleed

hope i helped!!



when you blow your nose a lot, blood vessels can pop (for lack of better word) from all the pressure. it's nothing bad, but if you're worried, call your doctor.

I would advise you to go to the doctor.

Trent W
When you blow your nose too much it can cause blood vessels to pop and the blood will mix with the mucus causing it to be extremely thick and disgusting. This is probably the work of allergies. If this gets any worse go to the doc right away because it can be a very bad sinus infection too and you are just making it get more infected with all the blood. Don't be alarmed if you get bad sinus pressure or a headache.

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