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 Is sleep apnea ever a problem for people who don't sleep on their back?
It is common (or possible) to suffer from sleep apnea if you only sleep on your stomach or side?...

 i used to use ventolin inhaler and they changed it to bricanyl o,5?
i dont feel this bricanyl is as effective as the ventolin, are the ingriedients the same as each other, do they do the same job,and does bricanyl come in different strenghns also does ventolin come ...

 chest pain while laying down?
pain is around the left side of breast and middle of chest and left under arm.
I am a smoker with lung ...

 i have a choking feeling during the night i wake up all of a sudden a nd try to catch my breath then start .?
coughing and i am trembling shaking sweating and my heart is racing what can this be?...

 Trouble Swallowing HELP! URGENT!?
I am under 16 years old, and i'm having trouble swallowing, and I have needed to pass urine, allot more then normal. Normally it's when im eating, I can't swallow. Sometimes it's ...

 Could I have chest Pains from drinking too much Beer?
Ok everyday this week i have been drinking tequila, wine and beer(bud light) I noticed now that i have this unusual feeling my chest. It is somewhat hard to breath. I find myself occasionally taking ...

 CFS help,really ill and fed up now.....?
Feel so bad... I am trying to get my docs to recongise I am ill. N...

 what is the difference between ipf and pulmonary fibrosis.?

 is there any medical term for "difficulty in breathing after eating" ?

 I have a question about proper diaphramic breathing especially for singers...?
I've read in several places that one's stomach is supposed to protrude outwards as one breathes rather than the chest heaving upward and this constitutes correct breathing from the diaphram....

 Will there ever be a cure for asthma?

 how long does it take for your lungs to heal?
i smoked for 5 months (cigs) and sometimes i smoked a lot and sometimes never thru out the 5 months, but i think about 20-30 packs is how much i smoked. i quit because i have been very tired and a ...

 how do i get rid of my cold?
I got a cold last week, and all i have now is a stuffed up nose and a bit of a cough. How do i get rid of it fast.I have a wedding to go to in a few ...

 how does a doc get you ready to pump fluids?
from the legs up into the body. how long will it take a doc to do that kind of thing will it hurt real bad do people die from that kind of surgery and etc. i need to know all you can tell me about ...

 F*ck cancer, will there ever be a cure for asthma?

 does rescue remedy work?
has anyone used rescue remedy before?
does it work and helps calm nerves?
how quickly does it kick in?
really need something to help my nerves any ideas?
thanks ;-)...

 What's the name for a simple lung volume test?
In UK need to know what to say to the dragon on the end of the phone when I ask for the simple test that nurses in Doctor's practices give for pulmonary volume, perhaps in cases of asthma.

 What is the diagnosis and/or treatment for scarring on the lungs due to repeated pneumonia?
My boyfriend had x-rays taken that have shown he has developed some scarring on his lung due to chronic infections of pneumonia. He has seen many doctors but they haven't been able to give him ...

 My child does snoring noise while breathing, what could be the reason?
n the last 2 weeks I hear snoring noises while my 1.5 years old is breathing. This is happening only at the morning and usually after eating yogurt. I can hear snoring noises only for 20-25 minutes ...

 How to live with Rhinitus?
I think my doc said I have this (and hayfever), I just wanted to find out a bit more about it. Is there anything in life to avoid it flaring up? Are thier any operations I can have? Ive had breathing ...

When I lay on my left side I cough, ideas?
When I lay on my left side at night, I immediately start coughing. If I lay on my back or right side it stops immediately. I have asthma and take Singulair and have a pro air inhaler.
Additional Details
Its not apnea, that I have been tested for that.

Best to check with your doctor since you have a history & also work in medical field. It may be Apnea if you have a weight issue..

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