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 Is it appropriate to go to a tennis clinic (indoors) while having a really sore throat?
I REALLY wanna go, but my throat kills.
in the beginning we do running things (4 laps, 1 suicide)
so my mom said she could just tell them that my throat hurts and that i just cant ...

 does anyone know why i can't smoke pot?
I have never been able to smoke pot, i have been trying for years and at first i thought my reaction was kinda like the newbie thing, but it has never stopped, my pulse gets very fast and deep(my ...

 please help?
i keep on play with my bits ( male productive organs) how could stop because its hard to ...

 which helps break up mucus better? humidifier or vaporizer?

 Asthma help?
My boyfriend has asthma, he doesnt always have attacks, but when he does it bad, bad enough to have to go to the hospital. he does not carry an inhailer. if he were to have an attack while with me, ...

 Are there any doctors on available to help me with an important problem?
Can I ever show a doctor a picture of a wart and they will be able to tell what it is?...

 Why do people smoke shisha/hooka?
Why do people smoke shisha/hooka?...

 what is the host for pneumonia??
detailed response please :)...

 nodule in right lung?
I am 22 years old and I found out today that I have a nodule in my right lung. I get very out of breath when I run or exercise. WHat does this mean? Is it bad or not? I'm just kinda worried. B...

 Hmm, help, watching a little girl with bronchitis? [Different from my other two questions}?
I asked this question twice today:

My cousin and my aunt offered to let me go with them while they see their niece/cousin. She's about a year old I think, maybe a lil older. My aunt ...

 Psychic What do you see?
On Friday August 15th I have a doctors appointment at 1 pm.

At 3pm that day I have a job interview. The interview is working with handicapped adults.

Should I cancel my doctors ...

 has anyone got their 2 year old this new pneumococcal vaccine and did it have any adverse affect on them?

 Is there such things as common chest pains, that dont mean anything serious?

 wheezing when i lay down?
i suffer from copd but just recently when i lay down on my right side i wheeze but i am ok when i lay on my left side or on my back, has anyone got any ideas why?...

 Can endometriosis and pmt cause short term memory problems?
Can endometriosis and pmt cause short term memory problems?
I have endometriosis and extremely bad pmt (due to be given prostap and livial as a treatment). In addition I am becoming increasingly ...

 SEVERE CHEST PAIN - lung infection?
For the last 3 days I have had severe chest pain. It is made worse by eating or drinking, and eased by pressing down on my chest. I have a dry cough and difficulty breathing. NO FEVER

Does ...

 how can I get rid of the flu in 3 days?
I am doing a deep scuba dive in three days but I have a really tight chest and batteling to breath. any ...

 would you date...?
someone who has tourrettes ?

if you dont know what it is, its :
when someone cant control twitching.. or cursing... grunting.
it stands out in a crowd.. & is very annoying ...

 my friend had a drink and ended up nonresponsive and unconcious in the ICU. The ER gave us no answers. ?
She had 1 drink and instantly vomited and then passed out and would not respond. The Baileys was new and the vodka was old, could there have been rubbing alcohol in the vodka? Her BAL was 122, ...

 Snoring problem?
My finacee snores really loud and all night long. I'm sick of it and I can't sleep. I wake him up saying that he is snoring and he tries a different position. He has even tried ...

What will most likely happen if I have pneumonia and don't get it treated?
I don't have health insurance, a doctor, or the money for either of those. I already owe both emergency rooms quite a bit of money and I have no way of paying them now. I also don't have the money for any medicine the doctor would provide.

You have to go honey even if you don't have the money ,the hospital can not turn you down. you could die if you don't get help. the hospital can also help you get medical insurance.
good luck and take care of yourself.

Untreadted you could die. Putting such a strain your heart and lungs will likely cause permanant damage and without treatment you will keep getting sick.

Pneumonia can become very serious, even deathly if not treated. I have had pneumonia before and even with medicine it took a month and a half to heal. You need to come up with a way to get treated.

That's a life threatening condition. Your local emergency room will still treat you regardless of your ability to pay. There are also healthcare nonprofits that exist to help people without insurance. When you talk to the hospital ask for a social worker who can help you with your financial situation. They can point you towards resources, and depending on your income you may even qualify for government insurance such as Medicaid/Medicare.

My pneumionia was misdiagnosed and I ended up having a temp of 105-106 and also had one of my lungs collapsed. Don't know why both didn't collapse, as that's what usually happens. When that does happen (and it will if you aren't treated) you will need to be put on a respirator. If you aren't treated, you will die. Might take a little while, but you most certainly will not live if you have pneumonia and receive no treatment for it. The ER can't refuse to admit you. If you think you have pneumonia, go to the ER. It is VERY unpleasant to have one lung collapsed (you can barely breathe!) Can't imagine how scary it would be to have both collapse.

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