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 What will help my sore throat?
=/ It really hurts.

Any advice?...

 Is there a good way to get my asthma under control?
And could my kids' pet ferret be adding to my problem?

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 is there a permanent cure to asthma?
aside from treatment and the attacks come back....

 I quit smoking 2.5 months ago- cold turkey! i have been sick since with sinus and respiratory - is this normal

 Yes my question is my son in law has been having trouble for awhile when he goes to the bathroom theres blood?
He had a lot of blood he said he thought was old because it was all clotted.
Additional Details
I never used this site before but I did'nt make myself clear ,It's when he has a ...

 anyone know about asthma?
i don't realy have asthma , but i would like to know the symthtoms please and what it would involve and any other details i should be noticed about thanks =)....

 Why does my chest, throat, tongue burn after running hard?
my throat also taste like notty blood. my nose gets congested the rest of the day, and coughing and sneexing also comes.WHY???...

 Why do cigarette smokers cough more than nonsmokers? (Choose from the given answers)?
1. Cigarette smoking partially paralyzes the muscles in the lungs, resulting in an increased residual volume. Coughing exchanges this "dead air."

2. Coughing stimulates blood ...

 Medical Help Please.?
I swallowed a dictionary to improve my vocabulary and now I’m experiencing mild chest pains what should I do?...

 sea monkeys and steriods?
what do you think would happen if i gave my sea monkeys steriods, i dont want to kill them but wondering if the would get bigger than normal
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well i already have the ...

 what can i do for a really bad sore throat?
i did go to the doctor and he said i just had to get over it but it hurts bad what can i do?...

 Severe asthma relief.....?
I've been off work for 8 weeks with severe asthma....I have oxygen, nebulisers and steroids at home. I'm under a thoracic consultant to find out what is wrong. Anyone got any ideas on how ...

 What can you do if you are not getting effective treatment from your GP?
My mother is suffering from a very nasty hacking cough.She has been to the doctors twice. On the first occasion she was given a course of antibiotics which she took but they made no difference.The ...

 is it possible to smoke to without take the smoke into your lungs?
can u smoke without taking it down to ure lungs...can u just keep it in ure mouth instead? and if u can how? :S

i dont smoke im just askin for a friend hus curious......

 How can I smoke a cigarette without using a paper tube?
I had a cigarette in my purse for the weekend and now it is broken. How can I smoke the tobacco. I do not have a bong,or a pipe. or rollies....

 Problem with a nosebleed?
It's not a constant flow, it's not much of a flow at all. But everytime I sneeze (which is a lot since I have a cold) blood just flys out onto my tissue. When I'm not sneezing nothing ...

 smoked too much weed...?
HELP!! i was a friends and we started smoking (first time). i feel like i can't move. im twitchy. i cant really type weell and my eyes are red. am i dying? i need help ASAP

please ...

 Go to school with strep throat? BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!?
Ok so i have Strep and i was prescribed Antibiotics. I still have a sore throat and still am a little sore all over my body, but other than that I am fine. I have been on antibiotics for 24 hours now....

 I'm very sick help! and have no money to go 2 doctors?
Okay I don't have money to go to the doctors so dont reccomend that, try to give me some methods i can try. it first started with sniffles, after a couple of days it was terriable coughing the ...

What to do when you can't breathe?
While having cold, or flu.
Additional Details
I have been coughing a lot.

you suck
put that crap up my nose that unplugs it.

Nick G
If you're talking about a severly congested nose, try lying on your side. The mucus will drain to one nostril. Atleast one nostril clear is better than both partly clogged.

A hot shower and nasal spray do wonders!

take some medicine

That Asian guy
get a basin, fill it up w/ hot water, drop some eucalyptus oil (4 drops. you can buy it on any drugstore) and in hail and ex hail the vapour w/ a towel covering the back on your head. I'm not good explaining things but, you know what i mean. I hope it helps.

go to a pharmacist or doc. if it's serious you have to take care of it ASAP

Sherra W
Try using some vicks vapor rub or some of those vapor tablets that disolve in the shower.

Drink lots of fluids and nyquil/dayquil, but when I am sick and can stand it, there's a breathing exercise I try: breathe in for 5 seconds, hold 5 seconds, and breathe out for seconds. This really does help you relax, and it actually helps build up respiratory endurance.

Penny W
Definitely medication would help your problem, but I have found that going in the bathroom and either standing in the shower area with the hot water on or running the hot water in the sink and putting a towel over the back of your head and hold your head down close to the sink really helps mine. I hate that feeling. Try that and see if it helps. Better soon!!!

Drink a cup a tea it will open up the air passages.

Are you having trouble with your nasal passages or with your lungs? If the nose is the problem you can use pseudophed if you don't have a history of high blood pressure or benedryl if you do. If the difficulty lies within the lungs then you need to talk to a physician and get an inhaler prescribed so that you canget the airwasy of the lungs opened and breathe easier.

Tussionex Pennekinetic, Rx, the best.
or robatussin DM, over the counter.
Also, take a mucinex, it thins secretions, and then you will breathe easier.....
If this problem persists, go to doc and ask for Albuterol inhaler.....it rocks.

vicks inhaler, nebulize, or breath through your mouth.


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