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 i hate when people cough?
its only with some people when they cough alot or really loudly i want to punch them in the face
Additional Details
i dont hate people who cough
i know people cant help it


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How long would it ...

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 specifically, trace the path of a clot from the leg leading to the lung?

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The gum remains..
What does this mean for me?...

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 can people really die from pneumonia...?
I was told to stay inside untill im better... if i go outside could i die from it. ?
Additional Details
im in the hospital right now with a fever of 103.7...

 Does the smell of cigarettes smoke hurt humans?
My mom smokes cigarettes outside, but when she comes inside her stench of smoke fills the house. Is this stink harmful to humans?
Additional Details

What is the easiest ...

 what r the side effects of sniffing spray paint?

 Does secondhand smoke harm the victim more then the smoker themselves?

路What percentage of oxygen is suitable for COPD and what can happen if patient given too high a percentage of
路What percentage of oxygen is suitable for COPD and what can happen if patient given too high a percentage of oxygen.

PT Money
If this patient were given Spiriva plus albuterol, their oxygen utilization would not have become an issue. Spiriva has been proven to reverse the effects of dynamic lung hyperinflation by decreasing a patients residual volume in the lungs, increasing the inspiratory capacity, thus allowing the patients "more room to breathe". If the level of COPD is so advanced that the patient is bed ridden, strapped to oxygen- it may be too late. If the level of COPD is still moderate to advanced based on the Gold Guidelines FEV1 rating scale, Spiriva can prove to be effective in as little as one week (including less use of oxygen).

COPDers do more on Spiriva... its proven.

Daiquiri Dream
1-3 Liters per Nasal Cannula.

Any higher takes away the respiratory stimulus to breathe, which could be fatal.

Low O2 levels cause them to breathe in.

I have 3 oxygen delivery systems that 4 lmp is maximum

My emergency resverve tank will go to 8 lpm I did note that Nebs need 7.5 L to work

jude l
We healthy folk breath in response to increasing levels of CO2 in the blood. COPDers have difficulty exhaling because the disease causes a weakening of the smaller airways (bronchioles) and thus the air rushing out (creating a negative pressure) causes the airways to collapse resulting in an increase retention of CO2. Eventually this burns out the brains normal response to CO2. COPDers breathe in response to low O2 levels. Thus, giving them at high liter flow of O2 will knock out the breathing center and cause apnea (cessation of breathing).

24-33% O2 percent which is 1-3lpm.

High O2 concentrations can wipe out the Hypoxic drives in COPD patients. Usually high concentrations exceeding 50% is what is listed.
In COPD the patients CO2 levels are usually chronically high, and the PaO2( Oxygen) levels chronically low. What happens is when you raise the PO2 levels too high, it tells the body it is hyperventilating and needs to slow down the respiratory rate, in turn causing a lethal increase in CO2 levels.

Your question has pretty much been answered already by the previous few answers... but please keep in mind that not all COPD patients are CO2 retainers (e.g. pure asthmatics tend not to be retainers)

When COPD patients hang around a PCO2 of 50 and a PO2 of 50, they will tend to have problems with CO2 retention... if not, you could probably give a higher concentration of O2 without too many ill effects.

When a CO2 retainer receives too much oxygen, they'll typically hypoventilate to maintain the PO2 level close to 50, causing PCO2 to increase to unacceptable levels... leaving the COPDer with too much dissolved CO2 in the bloodstream.

Here's the Wikipedia answer: "CO2 retention is a problem in various respiratory diseases, particularly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Patients with COPD who receive excessive supplemental oxygen can develop CO2 retention, and subsequent hypercapnia."

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