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 sore throat. whats wrong?
i woke up this morning with a really sore throat.
besides that i feel fine.
But it hurts so much. especially when i swallow.
Additional Details
probably not tonsilitus or ...

 Please Help Me:I smoke and i am afraid?
Hello,i am smoking from 2 years...at the beginning,i smoked 10-15 cigarettes per day.But from the middle of this year,i stopped smoking like that and resumed to 2 to 1 to 0 cigarettes per day.I smoke ...

 On Monday the neighbors house flooded and nothing is being done. Health Risks? What do I do?
Our home is rented and is a side by side home. Our neighbors are disgusting people and their dog uses the carpet as a bathroom. This has gone on for about 4 years. The place smells horrible. Well M...

 How to cure my ASTHMA?

 i need help quitting smoking.?
ive already tried and i only lasted a day :/ im 14 so i dont think i can really get anything but is there any easy ...

 pros of smoking tobacco?

Additional Details
ok thanks guys i was just wondering if there were any caus i am not a smoker and i have to write an essay about the pros of smoking andits really hard to write if ...

 I am a student nurse and I have an assignment to design a toy for a 6 yr old girl w/ asthma?
This toy has to be homemade using household items. It can be therapeutic but does not have to be........I need some ideas please....thank ...

 I've been a heavy smoker. I want to quit now, but both of my roommates are heavy smokers!!! How do I quit now?
Don't ask me to ask them to stop. They wont. And I can't move out. And, there is only one room....

 Does milk worsen nasal congestion? If so, how?

 Is humidity bad for asthma simply because it's good for dust mites, or is it also bad for the asthmatic lungs
I have a six year old who gets asthma and croup. I humidify the room to get rid of the croup, then his asthma gets worse dry it, then he gets croup. He doesn't fully understand his condition, ...

 I lied to my boss and said my aunt was in the hospital having trouble breathing?
"I lied to my boss and said my aunt was in the hospital having trouble breathing, I need to get the next two days off, what possible diagnosis could I say she had that would require me to be ...

 nasal congestion >:(?
okay so, for the past few days my nose has been congested.
at times when i am lying down, it starts to get all uncomfortable for me to breathe because it gets congested. currently, i am eating ...

 how do you smoke pot?
i just want to know, its for a high school project hahahaha.........

 I got a pain in my chest today?
I am 18 and female.

Today I was in college doing dog grooming, we had a little pekinese to groom so it wasn't exactly hard work...anyway, I was just stood still and I started getting ...

 why is smoking bad for you?
im not going to smoke or anything, i just need to write an essay about it. neways, i know it suffacates your lungs by covering tar over it, but nething else?...

 Need help quitting smoking?
Im 20 years old and going into my third year of college. I started smoking at the beginning of my freshman year. I smoked anywhere between 5-10 cigarettes a day during this year. Then i went home ...

 I am on antibiotics for pneumonia, are nose bleeds common?
I spent all night coughing only to awaken to a non-stop nose bleed, something I haven't had in a long time....

 info about quiting smoking?
hi, i recently realized im like a homeless person when it comes to cigs, and need to stop because there controlling my life. i have various, strong reasons why i need to quit. let me give u some info ...

 Why is when I breathe in.....??????
Ok.....so I have been sick for a couple of days Im better now but whenever I breathe in I have this like crackaling feeling in my lungs and when I put my hand on my chest It feels like there is water ...

 all my friends have just recccently started smoking, i dont want to start?
all my friends have just recccently started smoking, i dont want to start as i am only 15 and i know how bad it is. I think that i will end up smoking if they are all smoking. What should i do ??...

What is the breathing device called that they send home with you from the hospital? Non RX?
It is made of plastic, has a tube, and you exhale into it for a period of time and try to make the ball go higher.

It's called an inspirometer. It's mainly used on patients after surgery to help air flow through their lungs. And you inhale not exhale with it.

The ball blower upper thing....look on your hospital bill it most likely cost you $1,000.00.......

Lung Capacity Peak Flow Meter.....

It is an incentive spirometer,used to improve your lung capacity and function. But to do it correctly, you need to inhale, not blow out!

It is actually called an incentive spirometer. You inhale, not exhale. It is primary used with patient's post-operatively to prevent atelectasis.

I have 3 off them and couldn't tell you what they are to save myself... there isn't any thing printed on them either...

Is it a flow vent?

its called an incentive spirometer, or voldyne
it helps you do exercisies to strenthen your respiratory muscles.. keeping you deep breathing..

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