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 asking for a trial about fluticasone vs beclomethasone (efficacy,safety,..)?

 How much does a lung transplant help with cystic fibrosis?
A couple of days ago, a guy I knew back in my hometown got a double lung transplant. He has cystic fibrosis. I know removiing the lungs takes away the bacteria but does it get rid of the disease?...

which of the following diseases will result in a ventilation/perfusion (v/q) mismatch?1 asthma 2 pulmonary edema 3 emphysema 4 all of the ...

 The effects of very light smoking?
Let's see:
I'm 20
160 lbs.
athletic body build
work out (weight lift) about 3x a week for an hour
do cardio (running, swimming) about 3x a ...

 Iam confused! what could it be?!?
Today,in my karate class ,we were doing vigorous exercises,i had taken a double class, so by the starting of the second class i was really exhausted ,when we began our running exercises by the end i ...

 When you kept inhaling every 5 minutes do it means you have shortness of breath?

 If you quit smoking and there is no cough?
If you quit smoking on January 2 and you didn't do the whole coughing like crazy or coughing at all what does that mean? Also, my husband woke up this morning and after being up a few hours he ...

 Help we won't stop coughing?
Ok my three year old nephew had been with me since sunday and when he came he was coughing a little. But by today he is coughing non-stop. We have given him cough medicine but that is not helping. E...

 can someone help me with this?
i have a cough. and now, my trachea is irritated and itchy but sometimes it went away and comes again. i don't cough out phlegm and i don't have a post nasal drip. what do you think is this?...

 Mold Exposure?? HELP!!!?
so me and my boyfriend just baught our first house and waiting for it to close and weve been staying in hotels till we get our keys....anyways tonight we are at motel 6 to save money and i have been ...

 What is the name of the Mystery Diagnosis episode with the mold?
Does anyone know the name or season/episode number of the mystery diagnosis show where the woman had black mold? Extra special thanks to anyone who can find me somewhere on the web where she can ...

 Do I still have bronchitis?
I went to the doctor for shortness of breath and some coughing she diagnosed me with bronchitis.The doctor gave me some antibiotics, advair and a proair inhaler. A week after I finish my antibiotics ...


 last night i woke up gasping for air and could not breath what could it be?
i ended up throwing up very hurtfully.......

 for the last few weeks it feels like i got something caught in my throat?
for the last few weeks it feels like i got something caught in my throat i cant get it to go down i wash idrink alot of water it wont go hot tea wont break it up what is ...

 Is this a normal cough?
I've had a really bad cough over the past week. I got it when i was on holiday in Malia and all my friends got it too.

I've hardly slept the past couple of nights because i'...

 is he home from the hospital after admitting himself with pnemonia?

Additional Details
Patrick S...

 Holding your breath...can you die?
If your available to air you hold your breath pass out can you die or will you wake up?...

 how can we reduce the amount of excess dopamine in the brains speech areas?
what are the foods which leads to excess accumulation of dopamine in the brain....

 Dry cough after running?
After track meets (or whenever I run hard), even in an indoor, climate-controlled area, I have this annoying dry cough. The first time I remember coughing after exercise is about last year this time, ...

What happens when i stop breathing?
When I falle doun the stares i cant breethe...why?

How often do you fall down the stairs? If it only happened once, it likely knocked the wind out of you. It likely has something to do with the fight or flight mechanism of the body. When something bad happens to your body, you get a surge of adrenlin, some systems shut down so others can have more blood. In extreme cases, you go into shock. After a fall, your heart would be beating faster. You may have been hyperventilating (breathing way too fast) which feels like you can't breathe. If you fall often, then you have a bigger problem, although if you don't start breathing again, you will die.

I you stop breathing for long time you die

You know I don't know but try this website...it has lots of things that you can check out to try and get an idea of what if going on..

Winded yourself. Your diaphragm that makes your lungs function goes into a spasm or paralyze during shock to the body such as falling hard or hitting your stomach. It takes a few seconds for your diaphragm to work again causing breathing to be paralyzed and it can be quite horrible as you also have the gasping desire to want to breath it can feel suffocating for a moment.

Im not sure.

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