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What does it mean when a person has a calcified gallbladder?
... also known as a porcelain gallbladder...

Thanks! :D
Additional Details
I have searched it on yahoo, but I would like to see if anybody knows a little bit more information or if anybody has had a calcified gallbladder and if they needed surgery right away.

there's too much calcium in their gallbladder.

According to a few Google results it's when the lining of the gall bladder becomes, well, calcified! A layer of hard calcium builds up, apparently triggered by gallstones and can lead to gall bladder cancer. Symptoms include abdominal pain. Organs that have been inflamed for a long time can become calcified. Owch!

always a friend
You have some good answers already. Gallbladder attacks can be extremely painful. Some time they can used ultra-sound to brake up the stones. But, if it is bad enough they will remove the gallbladder.

Hi Tiki

Porcelain or calcified gallbladder is a relatively rare condition and not much is known about its etiology. Whether it is associated with gallbladder cancer or not appears to still be up for debate.

In porcelain gallbladder, all or parts of the gallbladder wall contain deposits of calcium carbonate.

Here is a quote from emedicine:

"Extensive calcium encrustation of the gallbladder wall has been variably termed calcified gallbladder, calcifying cholecystitis, or cholecystopathia chronica calcarea. The term "porcelain gallbladder" has been used to emphasize the blue discoloration and brittle consistency of the gallbladder wall at surgery. Some authorities eschew these terms and instead call all calcified gallbladders "porcelain gallbladders." The true incidence of porcelain gallbladder is unknown, but it is reported to be 0.6-0.8%, with a male-to-female ratio of 1:5. Most porcelain gallbladders (90%) are associated with gallstones.

Patients with porcelain gallbladder are usually asymptomatic, and the condition is usually found incidentally on plain abdominal radiographs, sonograms, or computed tomography (CT) images. Surgical treatment of porcelain gallbladder is based on results from studies performed in 1931 and 1962, which revealed an association between porcelain gallbladder and gallbladder carcinoma. Porcelain gallbladder is an uncommon condition; recognizing the clinical and imaging characteristics of the disease is important because of the high frequency (22%) of adenocarcinoma in porcelain gallbladder. Nonetheless, the causal relationship between porcelain gallbladder and malignancy has not been established. Surgery should not be delayed even if the patient is asymptomatic, because the occurrence of carcinoma in porcelain gallbladder is remarkably high."

I was interested in how the calcification might be related to calcium metabolism in the body and found at least a couple links to this. Anytime calcium metabolism is mentioned I have to wonder whether the parathyroid gland might be involved. I found this link.


Also, Vitamin D deficiency is often associated with hyperparathyroidism and both are linked to many of the conditions that are associated with gallstones: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, triglycerides, inflammation. Magnesium and vitamin C deficiency have been linked to gallbladder disease as well.

Gall bladder removal is often recommended but it was not clear whether it is considered an emergency. There is a debate as to whether open or laparoscopic cholecystectomy is appropriate for this condition.

I've included some links specific to porcelain gallbladder and some other related links on the gallbladder.

I hope this helps some.

Good luck!

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