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and no i do not smoke
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 3 month old has had rattling chest horrible cough no fever for three weeks doctor not sure what is going on?
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mandy f
What does a UTI [urinary tract infection] feel like?
This is the second time im feeling this in the last 3 months.

you must have burning sensation. having a hard time urinating. sometimes you have fever. you need to see your doctor for recurring UTI. try drinking lots of water.

It can burn when you pee, you feel like you have to pee, but there is nothing there. You may have a fever, there may be pain in the area of your bladder. It is a miserable feeling. You may dribble a little urine. Your urine might smell foul, it might be cloudy, or have pieces of mucous in it. Or might have blood.
It is not something to fool with, a doctor needs to be consulted, antibiotics started, and lots of fluids need to be drank. The infection, if left untreated, can go up the ureters into the kidneys, and from there all over your body.
If you're thinking you have one, call the doctor. He might just order an antibiotic, or have you go for a urine test, so he can see what germ is causing the problem, or even if there is a germ at all, and your syptoms are caused by something else. He can do a test in his office, there is a little test strip that he dips into the urine that turns purple if the pee has germs in it. Or he can use a microscope to see the germs.
Drink a big glass of water, and wait until you have to pee. Get a very clean glass jar, and pee into it. Look at the pee. If it looks like any of the above symtoms, you have an infection, and you need to call the doctor.
Sometimes, if you do not drink enough fluids, your urine can get concentrated, and burn. But it will be clear, no icky stuff in it. It will just be dark.
Normal urine is crystal clear, and barely colored yellow.
Hope you get to feeling better soon.
PS: if it is recurring bladder infections that you have, drink cranberry juice [not cranberry/apple, or any of the flavored stuff, just cranberry]. Mothers have always known that it helps prevent infections, but now it is scientific fact:the juice makes it hard for the germs to stick to the bladder and cause infections. And don't tell me you don't like it, I don't either. But the stuff is low in calories, has vitamin c and other nutition in it, and has antioxidants. Drink it anyway, like I do.

I've had it for 2 weeks now and only just got diagnosed (a stupid doc kept misdiagnosing me during these 2 weeks so it got delayed)

from my experience, i have had no pains during urination at all, but i have noticed a frequency to pee a lot more than usual. I also never had a fever. It all started off with an a groin pain, then a lower left abdomen pain, then an excruciating pain in my back. I wanted to chew someones hand off after that pain in my back did not go away after like 8 hours. I was told i had a muscle pull in my back so i was given painkillers. But things got worse as time went by rather than better, and it got to the point that in my lower left abdomen there was a lot of swelling and if i laughed or coughed i felt like something was fit to burst. I was unable to leave the house since it was so painful to walk with each step. I went back to the doctors who took a urine sample and said i seem to have UTI... finally just took my first antibiotic pill set for a course over 5 days, and have been drinking loads of water and cranberry juice. Cannot wait for this ordeal to be over and finally leave the house after over 2 weeks!!!

you will feel a burning sensation everytime you pee. and sometimes you dont feel any symptoms at all: no fever, not having a hard time peeing, but the best thing to find out is to have a urinalysis, thats the only way that can tell if you have UTI or not even without the symptoms.

Megan M
what are you feeling??? burning with urination, frequent urination, feeling like you have to pee but can't. sometimes an increased tempurature.

Wellll..I'm no doctor, but i've had one. It's when you feel like you have to go pee real bad, but you try, and nothing comes out. It goes away after about a week.

It starts out suddenly, usually within two days, with an urge to pee but nothing comes out. Then it starts to feel like an ache, then when you do pee It feels like you're passing shards of glass. see a doctor immediately. There is no over-the-counter treatment for it. The pills they give are small red pills. They both relieve the pain and cure the infection usually within a day or two. The best way to prevent urinary tract infections is to wipe yourself from front to back after peeing. Never back to front. poop contains bacteria that can get into the urethra (sp?) tube. Also, don't wear tight jeans that caused panties to cram up between that tender skin.

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