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 ::Help:: Sore throat?
Hey guys, I was just wondering how I can get rid of this sore throat that had just started last night.
I really need it better by Monday cause I have a gig with my band and I'm the lead ...

 Cold Remedies or help soothing......?
Okay, for the past week I have had a cold and blocked ears I can't taste or smell anything and I want it gone by next week for xmas!! But, I can't make an appointment as our doctors is ...

 do i have post nasal drip?
what is post nasal drip? bcoz i read it from many websites but still dont get it...they say mucus dripping on the back of your throat..what do they mean by that?...........bcoz now i have a cold nd ...

 Adenoids/Tonsil Removal?
I've had this very nasally voice for about 5 years, Everytime I would meet someone new , about 5 minutes into me talking to them they would say, "Why do you talk like that? Nasally like.&...

 Can you smoke weed when on nicotine patch?

 I think I have asthma, help?
Should I go to the doctors?
Recently I've been having problems at night, I'm finding it hard to breath out, I'm coughing a lot, and it feels like someones squeezing me round my ...

 inhaling and exhaling air too long?
for the past year... i've had to inhaling air for about 3 secs then i stop for like 3 seconds... THEN i exhale for about 7~10 second! is there something wrong with me? when i try to inhale air ...

 Is It Possible To Injure A Rib From Coughing Too Hard?
I have had bronchitis for about 2 weeks straight with a small fever at night. I went to the doctor and he gave me zithromax 3 day dosage pack, advaire, and albuterol (sorry if I killed the spellings)....

 medical therapy for treating hiccup?
i would please like to know a drug or drugs which can be used to treat or reduce hiccup....

 Sinus infection due to mold? Help!!?
I've had a sinus infection since January, and I got amoxicillin, but that didn't work. Two weeks later, I got a new medication that was supposed to work (and the side affects were terrible!...

 do your lungs ever go back to normal after smoking?
i understand it probably isn't possible for a 65 year old person to go back to having normal lungs after smoking a pack a day for 45 years, but if a young person was to lightly smoke for a few ...

 Recent Breathing Troubles?
Over the last few days, i have found it increasingly difficult at times to breathe. It feels like i can only get a little air in at a time, and when i take a big enough breath, it itches my throat ...

 I extremely hate having this chest infection. WHEN is it going to go?! Please help me?!?
I have had a chest infection for about 4 days now and I've been on antibiotics. Amoxillin, 500ml and I need to take it 3 times a day.
Theres only enough pills for about a day, and my chest ...

 Why does my sore throat come in the moring and night only?
Why is it that i only have a sore throat in the morning and at night? During the day it goes away completely, but comes back at night.
It hurts a bit to swallow too during the morning and night. ...

 Do you have to be overweight to have sleep apnea?

 Cystic Fibrosis and Scared!?
I am 35, have Asthma, Endometriosis, attempting IVF and have recently been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis!
I am scared of dying relatively young and not being able to have children especially ...

 I've been having trouble breathing... it really hurts ! Anyone know what this is :S?
I've been having a lot of trouble breathing lately... i've had this before but i don't know what it is or what causes it ... I am not asthmatic i asked my doctor... but i just feel the ...

 Does the Swine Flu have this much of an impact on our bodies because our immune system hasn't seen it before?
I have the Swine Flu at this moment. If I get it again sometime, will it be easier to deal with?
Additional Details
Explain that further? I'm not sure what you're trying to say....

 i need to stop coughing ASAP. any ideas?
so i have had a fairly dry cough for almost 3 full days. and no matter what i do, it will not stop. i have used cough drops almost non-stop, but they don't do anything. i have taken (generic) ...

 How long does it take the lungs to clear up after quitting smoking?
I quit smoking after 18 months about 2 months ago. I am 19 years old. How long will it take for all the crap and stuff to be cleared out?...

What are the after effects on a persons body and mind after they are taken off a ventilator?
My mom was on one for a few days and was also given what the doctor called a dreaming state drug. Basically Im wondering if it was this dream state drug which has her memory in a funk. She just don't seem to be herself at times and has a very short term memory. Any comments ???

hey sammbo i have no clue

Yes,consult with this same Dr.for an explanation! ASAP That is my advise! God Bless!

There are certain sedatives that are used during intubation. For instance I use versed or etomidate. Theses have analgesic property which means that the person will not remember the intubation. However when the person is in ICU generally a mild sedative is given to help the person stay asleep and let their body heal. With that said there should not be any side effects like you described. Yes there can be some memory problem, fuzzy really, for a couple of days but nothing more. If it has been a few days and she is still having the problem you need to consult your primary.

the drug you mother was probably on is called propofol. the drugs primary focus is to keep people asleep during a set period time. when they are taken off the drug they are able to wake up rather quickly. unfortunately one of the side effects of the drug is loss of memory. it is common among most of these types of drugs.

will the symptoms were off? yes over a period of time, which could be anything from weeks to up to a year in some cases.

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