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Roland 'The Gunslinger'
What am I sick with? Im coughing a lot but that's it.?
Ever since a week ago, I have been waking up with a tendency to cough. 2 morinings ago I had a slight wheeze but nothing serious. I have no fever, no running nose, never had a sore throat...it's just I have to cough and it's sort of deep, and im beginning to cough stuff up. I guess that could mean it's breaking up. I feel fine though. Yesterday I could exercise for 35+ minutes playing basketball, and had no problems breathing. I don't think it could be bronchitis/pneumonia. Any ideas Thanks

Allergies, more than likely.

You might have Asthma. Asthma can be caused by irritants such as pollen, dust mites etc. The difference is, it is an irritant not sort of like an allergy attack, but respiratory in nature. You might want to check with your Dr.

Helping Hand
It happens due to poor digestion and mild allergy of glands.
Take homeopathy medicine
sulphur 1m (5-7 pills on waking up) for a week. You will be fine

allergies..its that time of the season

If I were you I would go for a T.B check up. to be on the safe side

thena h
Maybe you should go see a dotor and see what the say if not it proabley a very bad cold

Muayad Q
i have to know if u r smoker?and ur age?
however mostly it s laryngitis.take warm drinks.
have agood health

Gypsy Gal
Maybe allergy so check what is going on outside{Like plants or trees blooming}

James M
That is due to the fact that you have been confined in a really low Relative Humidity room conditions for a very long time.

When we heat our homes and offices, we LOWER the relative humidity, the air gets super dry and our throats after a few months become dry and raw.

Buy yourself a humidifier and add moisture the the air in the room you spend the most time in. That is great relief for your conditon. Sleeping in a humidified room also brings great relief.

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