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 Are you a heavy smoker or tobacco chewer?
I have do an interview on a tobacco user. So if you have time can you answer the below questions and post them? I will give 10 points to the first person with good answers to post.
Thanks in ...

 Can smoking a lot of cigars every day be harmful for my mom? She inhales cigars and feels dizzy pretty often??
My mom is 50 years old heavy chain-smoking woman for years. She was on her 3 packs a day habit with no intense to quit or cut it down. In a recent years she started to smoke cigars on a daily purpose,...

 oxygen respiratory systems?
I'm looking for a respiratory oxygen system and need to know what is the best out there?...

 Paediatrics/Nephrology/Thoracic medicine?
Has anyone come across a child who has renal insufficiency,
With accompaied weight gain, poor memory, lack of concentration, inability to sleep, has difficulty with reading and writing, and ...

 what are the differences between asthma and bronchitis?

 Flu Virus or Cold Bacteria - How to notice the difference?
I often had a cold and now have one. Runny nose, sneezing, soar throat, coughing, spitting mucous. The mucous is yellow.

How do you know the difference between a virus and a bacterial ...

 Have bronchitis for over a month dry cough after 3 meds now still not feeling good what can I do ?
I was on Prednison and doxycline for 5 days and then put on Z-Pac for 5 . Feeling better then I had been but now it has been 3 weeks now still coughing some dry cough with high pitched barking cough....

 Cost of CPAP machines in different countries?
I use a Respironics CPAP Auto M machine to help me to breathe when I am sleeping, and I am researching the cost of the machine in different countries. If you are a user, could you please let me know ...

 Mold (please help)?
I just drank some water that had what looked like mold or meldew in it.
Is that bad, well i know its bad, but is it bad enough to do something to me?
It wasn't that much and I just ...

 how badly can indirect smoking person be in danger?
hi, I have a girl friend whose dady smokes 35-42 cigarrates a day. And while at home during evening watching television he can smoke up to 12 cigarrates, I'm worried that my girlfriend may be ...

 What exactly causes sinus to get congested?

 What kind of infant cough medicine do you reccommend?
Is there any cough medicine for infants someone can reccommend? I am tired of buying cough medicines that don't work....

 my right ear has been stopped up for about a week and im coughing and i have a stoped up noise?

 what is the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic system?
claire weekes explains the symptoms of nervous tension as being due to an imbalance in the push/pull mechanisms of one of these systems and explains that desensitisation techniques will rebalance ...

 What ages can people get ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease?

 does have bad teeth removed help sleep apnea?

 help question about my breathing?
i have had a cough for well over a week and i do jujitsu and when i try to exersize at jujitsu this seemes to make me cough and breath really quick. could this ba a sign of astmah if not what would ...

 If you had an asthma attack and you don't have an inhaler available, how can you help that person?
My boyfriend had an asthma attack and did not have his inhaler. He got over his coughing and stuff, but what can I do to help him if it happens again and he does not have his inhaler?...

 which are the principle organs of the respiratory system?
a. bronchi
b. bronchioles
c. alveoli
*d. lungs

is d correct?...

 If your chest feels congested but you cough up bright red blood instead of mucus does this mean sinus problems
A rattle in my the chest that feels like congestion but then instead of coughing up mucus it's blood. And have been told it was something to do with sinuses. Also has nose bleeds when sinuses ...

The presence of a partial vacuum b/w the pleural membranes in integral to normal breathing movements.?
What would happen if an opening were made into the chest cavity, as with a puncture wound?

How is this condition treated medically?

Is this a homework question?

The answer is yes. I believe the negative pressure is about -3 cmH2O... I'm not sure, it's been a while. So don't quote me on that one.

Basically the pressure allows the lung to stick closely to the chest wall without actually being stuck to the chest wall. Sometimes they do sort of stick it together with talc for certain cancer patients (look under pleuradesis if you want to learn about that).

The pleural fluid normally allows for free movement between surfaces (sort of like a piston being lubricated by motor oil in an engine).

If you make an opening, you'll probably get a pneumothorax. It may not be of the worst kind though (that being the tension pneumothorax). For a tension pneumo, you'd have to throw in a chest tube to equalize the pressure.

In milder cases, you just patch it. Someone wrote something good on the Wiki page, so I'll just quote them... "Penetrating wounds require immediate coverage with an occlusive dressing, field dressing, or pressure bandage made air-tight with petroleum jelly or clean plastic sheeting." That explanation is more for penetrating chest wound, so you'll need a one-way valve OUT, so air can evacuate the pleural space without it getting back in.

Good luck.

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