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 are you suppose to inhale Black n Milds?

 How can you prevent snoring?

 My doctor wrote that my nasal septum is deviated to the right and that I have 2 septal spurs on the left.?
What is a septal spur? I tried looking it up on google and didn't find anything particularly helpful....

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i have a sore throat, and even though it really hurt to do it i coughed out most of the mucus in my lungs. now, however, when ever i draw in a breath it makes, a deep, low, vibrating sound. what'...

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What is the Definition Of this Particular Program. whats it for? I am a little bit curious....

 can u get on speed from an inhaler!?
i've tried it a couple of times and it makes me go nuts ,cuz i dont have asma so it does the total opposite of helpin.but i feel full of energy and i cant stop ...

 I've got blood in my phlegm!?!?
I've had a bit of a cold for the past few days, had a bit of a fever on Monday night, and a slight temperature yesterday. This morning i'm still feeling a bit stuffy, but i've got up ...

 nurse or medical opinion required for my answer does theophylline help night time c o p d and asthma?

 How bad is TB Screening?
I have to get a TB screening to volunteer at a hospital and i hate needles. I'm just wondering what to expect.

Scale of 1-10 10 being horrible; how bad is TB screening (and why)...

 can coughing give you a heart attack?
also i have a deep barking cough that is very strong and will not stop no matter what i do, my chest hurts really ...

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 Brands of Vaporizers ......?
Can you tell me names of some popular brands of vaporizers.

 one of my son is having problem breating. he is coughing and coughing and he is short of brearth?

 health question!!!??
ok..uumm what causes hyperventilation and how is the alkalosis caused by it treated???...

 I have had bad chest pains it does not happen all the time but when it does it has a couple times a day.?
Along with a jaw pain, i checked b4 they said i was fine, I am 29 by the way....

 Has anyone here or know someone who dealt with asbestos pipe wrap removal and didn't have any health issues?
I have heard of people who worked with this stuff for life and never had a problem and I have also herad the opposite. I may need to have 16' of the stuff removed....

 Smoking first cigarette?
Smoking first cigarette?
I smoked my first cigarette and i swallowed the smoke because i didnt know how to smoke. My throat feels dry and my chest feels kinda different. Does anyone know how ...

 what can I do about drifting second hand smoke in my apartment?
The person that lives downstairs is a heavy smoker and it's coming into my apartment. I have 4 children.. the youngest is 3 months old. We can't even turn the heat on because the smell is ...

 What's better? ProAir or Ventolin?
I would like to know what is the better inhaler is. ProAir or Ventolin. My doctor has proscribed me ProAir but from the reviews that I have read, Ventolin seems to be better. Can anyone please ...

 acute hypersensitivity pneumonitis?
Is there any treatment for this?...

Sinus problem. Strange foul odor / smell from particular drip.?
For more than a year and half i have congestion in the morning. It is clear or white when i blow my nose.
Recently the congestion is lasting more throughout the day.
Always clear or white and kind of watery.
In the last three months when my nose is dripping, I get a particular drip in my sinus that smells bad. I'm talking bad cheese, "something's rotten" kind of smell. The smelly drip happens maybe twice, sometimes three times a day. These particular smelly drips are also clear in color but they feel a slight bit more sticky than the normal dripping i have throughout the day.
Anybody have any clue what this could be or have you heard of this? Thanks for any help.
p.s. I don't have insurance.

Tio Paco
You have an abscess in your sinus cavity. It could be from a tooth (upper jaw) that has gone septic (root canal) or an infection that has settled into your nose and is working it's way toward your brain.
ever done coke? speed? had your nose broke? worked in a dusty place? Ride motorcycles?
Anyway, you need the dead tissue removed before they have to amputate your head

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