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Leave my kitten alone
My mom smokes cigerettes and is on oxygen. How dangerous is this?
My mom continues to smoke and also has to take oxygen. Is there any danger of an explosion? How close would she have to be to the tank in order for there to be danger?

I would REALLY not recommend smoking around an oxygen tank. True - it is not flammable. It is however an accelerant and will cause fire to burn hotter and longer. So, it may not be a direct result of fire, it is certainly a factor and has been responsible for more than enough house fires and burns to be a genuine concern.

sheila l
It is dangerous to smoke while you are in oxygen because smoking promotes combustion.

If she has the oxygen on when she is smoking; very dangerous! I'm a caregiver and have seen people in bad shape doing this. Also my Mom did it and it wasn't a pretty sight. Either smoking or oxygen. Not both at the same time! Good luck. The tank isn't as explosive as the oxygen coming out of the face mask.

wats more dangerous is ur mother smoking...she's already uses an oxygen tank to help her breath and shes still has not quit smoking...

i do not want to scare u, but i saw an episode of grey's anatomy where this guy was on oxygen and they told him not to smoke, he just didn't heed their advice not knowing what damage could be done ,and his face went up in fire. but the oxygen line was on his nose. so it might be possible that if the tank was far there is less danger, but it is always better to be cautious.

but my aunt lost a lung and smoked until she died.

theres already a lung cancer risk factor anyway
so there maybe a danger!

Magic Mouse
Oxygen accelerates burning. Cigarettes are like little fuses. This is a dangerous scinario. Even MORE dangerous is the fact that her lungs are that bad off and she still smokes. That is sure to kill her where the fire danger is a mere possibility.

A gal in this town did it

She was mostly cremated when they found her

its a pity your mum still smokes.oxygen is not inflammable.so their can be no explosion.but if mum drop a cigerette onto a blanket the oxygen will help build the fire.keep trying to get your mum to quit.good luck

When I was an EMT we picked up someone who lite a cigarette while her oxygen was still on and she ended up getting 2nd and third degree burns on 70% of her body and because of the explosion she breathed in the fire she lived but her lungs were worse than before and she did burn down her house.

According to Health Canada and it is a law here in Canada that no one smokes in the house or apartment that oxygen is in use.

You have to have a sign up on the front door.

So if she is to continue smoking she should take it off
turn it off and go out side

But for her health she really should quite.

HOW DANGEROUS??? Oxygen supports combustion.... open flame, oxygen, you do the math....

pretty flippin dangerous, time to have a serious chat with mom about these dangers the others have listed .

Very...but not of explosion.

Oxygen burns rapidly, but an actual explosion is highly unlikely. A fire is extremely possible.

umm it is extremly dangerous especially if she's smoking while her O2 is still on! O2 is EXTREMLY flammable!!!!

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