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 Dad has a snoring problem ?
how do you stop really loud snoring, with out any device or item??...

 What is causing strange stabbing pains on left side of chest ?
It has just gone but it felt really strange and it hurts, had it about 2 days ago also, never had it before. Im only 16 .. is this normal?
Thanks to anyone that can tell me what it ...

 i feel sickkkkkkkkkkk?
i feel like crap...my sides hurt when i breath in..i cant stop coughing stuff up, i am sooo tired even though i got enough sleep all week..i cant keep my eyes open, my muscles ache, and i can barely ...

 Emphysema question, help!?
my wife's mother got diagnosed with emphysema recently, and she is extremely upset. (understandable). How long is the life expectancy of someone with COPD (emphysema)?...

 I just had a terrible asthma attack and now I'm emotional. Has this happened to you?
I had a terrible asthma attack and I swear I am so scared by it. My one year old son watched as I tried to save myself. By the time I got to my inhaler I just had to spray it and couldn't ...

 I am having a lot of pressure on my lungs when I breath.?
I am having major pressure on my lungs when i breath and even more when I take deep breaths. It started with a headache last night then I started experiencing the pressure in my chest. When I take ...

 What is that medicine you can take at first signs of a cold and it shortens it?
And do that Airbourn tablets work?...

 Why can't I breath on rollarcoasters?
I am afraid of heights, but there are certain rollarcoasters i love to ride on. I live in Minnesota so I go to Valleyfair.

When i ride rollarcoaster, right at that first hill while ...

 Weird question to those who have asthma?
I know this is odd. But I am determined to find out why. A family member of mine has very bad asthma due to eczema. Recently she has been having problems when she eats certain foods that she quickly ...

 I have "central sleep apnea." What is this? What causes it? Is there treatment?
I already had a sleep study, and the doctors said I had apnea, but it was "central apnea." They said I would stop breathing 20+ times during the night. My follow-up MRI was normal. No brain ...

 horrible cough....what could this be?
Earlier this year i had a horrible cough that lasted for 4 months, i had uncontrollable coughing fits that made me cough so hard i usually gag and sometimes throw up. it started just like a cold and ...

 i think i have carbon monoxide poisoning?
i think i was exposed to it and now im kinda drowsy
Additional Details
what should i ...

 What is the treatment for a partially collapsed lung?
And could it have repaired itself?

I woke up in agony, and rang NHS direct. They sent me to the walk-in centre, who suspected a partially collapsed lung, and sent me to the hospital after ...

 explain to a teenager why smoking is bad?
my friend says it isn't. help me prove him wrong!!!

why is bad?
why should he stop now?


 what to do when choking?
when the respiratory tract is blocked by sth leading to choking, which is the method that the patient can do individually?
A.thump the abdomen
B.slapping on the back
C.Heimlich ...

 trouble breathing and dont know what to do?
ive had this cold for 8 days, and i don't seem to feel any better. It's getting worse and worse each day. i started off with a cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose. but now its turned into,...

 I just started smoking weed?
ok i just started smoking weed like 4weeks ago and im a lightweight only weigh 103pounds an i got some bomb chronic and 2 hits had me on la la land whats going to happen to me tomorrow if i smoke a ...

 Has anyone ever done acid?
my boyfriend did it now 2 times and tonights the 2nd time and since the first time hes been thinking weird and idk just eben acting a little ...

I have not had a cigerette in 5 days now and counting, and I am determined to say that I have not smoked in 30 days (that is my goal right now). But in the meantime, I have had to go to the doctor ...

 I'm tring to quit smoking,Ive heard of this new drug called "chantix" has anyone tried it , and does it work?

My Ex could blow smoke out of his mouth 10 years after he stopped smoking. Is this possible?
He smoked for 25 yrs and when he blew really hard I could see a little puff of smoke come out. It was not his breath because it was inside and not cold.

I've seen a friend do it up to a year after quitting. It does take a long time to get the tar out of your lungs and some of it never leaves but I'd think that the "smoke" would be stuck in the tar since smoke is just tiny particles. Could be the tar releasing small particles that we call smoke, which is not a vapor.

Mr Man
Try calling your doctor and asking him if you need to be seen..

i think u need to go to the doctor urgently

It depends on how that crap sits on his lungs.

It seems to be improssible, but if he's your ex how do you know tha the did not start

that sounds impossible to me. ive smoked for almost 5 years and i cant. and my grandma has smoked for like 50 and she cant. it sounds a little strange.


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