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Everybody Do the D-Motion~!
Is it safe to drink and eat cold things when you have pneumonia?
yesterday i went to the doctor and found out i had a bad case of pneumonia so i was wondering if it is safe to drink and eat cold things when you have pneumonia or would you irritate my throat and lungs? I called the doctors to answer this same question they said theyd have a nurse call me back but its been a while and i have gotten a call so PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Relax, eat anything you please. if you have an appetite that's good. You'll feel better that much sooner.
God bless.
Oh yeah, don't listen to anyone who tells you to avoid dairy products because it makes more mucous. That's an old wive's tale that has absolutely no basis in fact.

hot or cold really makes no difference.

Kathleen Bathke
If you feel good enough to eat then eat up! Yes, you can eat whatever you desire with pneumonia. My husband has been hospitalized twice with pneumonia and they did not restrict his diet. He loved those Popsicles though as they are very soothing to the throat! He ate a lot of different things as well such as hamburgers, lots of salads, sandwiches of all kinds, just about anything you can think of.
If you hurt when you eat certain food then of course avoid them. I would not eat a lot of spicy foods as those could hurt your throat.

You get better real soon!

Blue Haired Old Lady
Sure. The more liquids you drink, the better. Cold doesn't matter at all. The extra fluids will help wash germs out of your lungs. Drink, drink, drink.

Hope you are better soon.

Totally! If you have a craving for it, then have it, but it is also best if you have hot tea. That will calm/soothe your throat. And also get plenty of rest, and drink lots of fluids!!!!

Hope you feel better!

The idea behind avoiding hot or cold items with specific illnesses stems back to "folk" type health beliefs that were held by many from Aisa proper and Southeast Aisa. There were beliefs that certain illnesses were "hot" illnesses and others were "cold" illnesses and needed to be treated with hot or cold remedies, respectively.

From what we now know, there is no reason why you cannot have any cold fluids if you have pneumonia.

However, if you are CONGESTED, warm fluids tend to loosen mucos to allow it to be expelled. This is a case where warm fluids can be beneficial. But there is nothing wrong with driking cold fluids.

In fact, cold, tends to help decrease swelling which can be helpful if your throat IS irritated.

you can eat or drink whatever you want. If something irritates you, then stop eating it. Sometimes popsicles actually help ease your throat when you have a cough (from pneumonia or whatever). Warm tea is very good and healing too.
Hot or cold, doesnt matter. Eat or drink what soothes you.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon

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