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 coughing someone help!?
so i got sick early last week i started coughing midweek and the cough has now changed to on and off coughing that i still have and it definately more at night time i dont cough during the day.

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My invention:

You wear a vest with magnets on ONE side, and you smoke my Iron-laced cigarettes, so that way you only ruin ONE lung instead of both!! making you live longer and stronger!

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Hi there, got a q's ,, im planning on scheduling a dr appt monday,, but was curious as of possibilities.

somewhat for a month now I've had issues w/ breathing to where, I've ...

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Could anyone tell me what these mean? I was just lookinmg at my notes online from today's visit

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Ears: TMs with nl landmarks.

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 how much nicotine is in a marlboro 27?

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Ironically Sarcastic
Is it possible to cough so hard that you can eventually cough out blood?
If a person does not have T.B could that person cough up blood if he coughs too hard?

Madeline T
If you have a respiratory infection, or really any bad cough, you can burst blood vessels in your lung or throat and there will be blood in your phlegm. Or just blood if it's a dry cough. It's usually more likely to be your throat that the blood is coming from and not your lungs.

If you are coughing excessive amounts of blood, you should go see the doctor. But just a little once in a while is fine. If the amount of blood is increasing, you should also go see a doctor.

Good luck!

Hi, consistent coughing can cause blood, this is mainly due to the rupture of the small blood vessels in the throat

yes, a person can. cus u might rupture ur throat if u cough too hard. coughing blood is a bad sign. u better see a doctor.

yeah, I've had really bad bronchitis where I was coughing so hard, blood came out. You need to see a doctor so it doesn't get worse. Pneumonia was only a few steps away when I was that sick.

yes they can because if you do cough really hard then your throat could burst and start to bleed

yes to your question, however coughing that hard may mean something else is a problem, but not likely TB. get your young *** to a doctor who can evaluate your overall condition. there's probably nothing seriously wrong but why not take the high road and have it looked at to be sure.

Yes it is. But not to worry, it's usually just little blood vessels that have burst from the greatly increased pressure you put on them. Treat the cause of the cough and you will stop bleeding. Yes, TB can cause you to cough up blood but it isn't necessary to cough long and hard in that case.
God bless.
PS I'm not sure what the other responders mean by your throat "rupturing". That cannot happen no matter how hard you cough. And what "ruptures"? The larynx, epiglottis, the pharynx exactly what? All of the above? or simply the whole throat explodes?
I just don't want you worrying about it, that's all.

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