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 Does anyone have any experience dealing with rejection of a double lung transplant?
My 33 yr old cousin is most likely in rejection for a double lung transplant. It seems her chances are very slim. I have looked online and found many websites about it and also some therapies. Does ...

 Why are antibiotic cough drops (that spread straph and MSRA) are still being produced and sold?
also tissue paper?...

 Chest pains have me worried.?
Yahoo health and other websites pretty much freak me out so i'm hoping to get a good, reasonable answer here.

For a little over 24hrs, time being now 5:02pm on 2/13 and the pain ...

 what is the normal creatinine level for an 8 year old boy?
what is the normal creatinine level for an 8 year old boy? Is 0.40 normal, if not what does it mean?

 What is the correct ration of chest compressions to breaths for an adult in one man CPR?
a. 5 compressions to 2 breaths
b. 15 compressions to 2 breaths
c. 15 compressions to 1 breath
d. 12 compressions to 5 ...

 Homeostasis essay, help?
Im writing an essay on how illness disrupts homeostasis. My patient is a baby with a UTI. I cant find any info explaining why this would cause apnoea and respiratory collapse.
I though if i had ...

 About 3 weeks ago I went to emergency room with 103.8 temp, they checked me out after a few hours on a iv drip?
gave me some tylenol 3... I have been getting better but I have this dang itch in the upper chest that makes me have coughing spurts.. if it is just a wicked cold virus do I NEED antibiotics to ...

 My asthma is bad yet my tests came out fine, x rays,oxygen test, etc. What's going on?
I don't get it. I feel the inflammation really bad,...and i feel the tightness,but then they say things like "you're clean as a whistle," and my xrays came out fine, my oxygen ...

 How do you know if you have Sleep Apnea ?
I was wondering if anyone on here has sleep apnea and how do you feel when you have it ? The reason I ask is because I was wondering if I had sleep apnea a perfect example is: There are times when I ...

 i feel a sinus infection coming on can i prevent it?
my nose is beginning to become so stuffy and congested is there anything i can do or take to ease my suffering or keep it from worsening?...

 my child was diagnosed with asthma, but i don't believe she has asthma. can someone give an advice?
my 4-year old daughter has been coughing and having a runny nose for the week and i was giving her Tylenol. the cough seemed to stop but yesterday before bed she started coughing again. my husband ...

 Hard time breathing?
I seem to have a hard time breathing, especially now that it's summer and more humid and warm. I'm breathing normally, but when I breathe in it feels like I'm not getting enough air. T...

 How can I build up my immune system?
Ever since I was a little girl, I've had a knack for getting sick. I always get sick at the worst times too! The past 3 years I've had to go to the hospital (all around the same time) ...

 Will inhaling candle fumes damage your health in any way?
I was trying out this scented candle. I had it going for about half an hour. I was enjoying the scent. but now i dont feel so good. (woozy)
does paraffin wax have dangerous chemicals. ?
it ...

 How to stop smoking...?
I want to stop smoking. But it is very difficult for me to stop. Would please tell me any tips to avoid smoking....

 would patting or rubbing comfort a coughing person. what in case of a girl?

 Does anyone here wear a CPAP and do you feel more rested?

Additional Details
I feel tired all the time and wake up snorting and g back to sleep. Also have you had sleep paralysis? Nasty stuff. You can hear sounds, but can't move, I am ...

 i can actually SEE my pulse!?
is it bad to be able to see my heart beating in my chest?
i can see it on my neck too, but i've seen other ppls there too but like if im laying down i can actually see each beat. is this ...

 What is Asthma and Explain?

 How long is pneumonia contagious for after starting antibiotic therapy?

Is forced burping harmful?
I read in an answer on this site that it can burn a hole in your esophagus, and that sounds really extreme for something so small. :[ But sometimes I do burp on purpose, and it really worries me. I don't want to be causing damage to my insides. I'm going to stop right NOWW, but I'm worried because I've done it for several months now. Ughhh, it's so annoying.

I think what they mean by that, is when you put too much force when you have extremely little gas you know. My sis does it all the time lol- she's fine.

it can make you puke!

brian b
i guess it could be bad if you do it very violently and often, but all your doing is making an air bubble and squeezing it out your throat... stop if it bothers you but I dont think you did much if any damage

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