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every morning i wake up, i wake up with an extremely dry mouth, and when i go to the bath room and cough, i cough up brown flem, anyone know what this could be?
Additional Details
i ...

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 What does SMOKE do to the lungs.?
Now I'm not talking cigarette or cigars or drugs or whatever smoke.
Just smoke in general.
It cant be good for you.
LIkecampfire smoke or whatever.
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 i just smoked pot for the first time and..?
i don't feel THAT different only a bit dizzy and kinda tired-ish,, did i do something wrong lol ?
i also have a reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllly dry mouth :(

oh also will i get really ...

If your body isn't getting enough oxygen, what happens?
I mean, if a person consistently isn't getting enough oxygen absorbed, not just if they hold their breath for a while. I am asking because I have Cystic Fibrosis... but my Sats have always been about 96-99% so that's really good, even when I'm very ill. There has never been any concern about the amount of oxygen my body is getting. But it just occurred to me that I wouldn't know if anything changed, because I don't know what to look out for! Also, I get a lot of things like being VERY tired all the time or different illnesses/pain, and wondered if that could be connected with low oxygen because my doctors have ever been able to sort this stuff. So my question is, what kind of symptoms would a person get if their lungs werent absorbing the oxygen properly - ie. specific things like headaches, or umm. swollen toes. or something. haha i dont know im just trying to think of an example!!
Additional Details
I mean more like, if a person is getting slightly reduced oxygen for years, rather than very badly reduced oxygen for a shorter time which i expect would make you faint.
also, "you die" isn't helpful at all, and also isn't exactly sensitive. Sorry if you mean your sister died though.

Peace,Love, Hugs and Kisses
u die

tony f
your lungs absorb oxygen by diffusion, into the blood then transported to the cells in the body. not to get too technical! every cell needs an adequate 02 supply or you will die. the most common signs and symptoms would be, increased respiratory rate, hypoxia which would be seen as a blue discolouration to the extremities, also around the mouth. confusion and in latter stages a reduced level of consciousness. if not corrected this can result in death.

Fainting would be my best guess. Your brain would shut your body down to conserve the oxygen it needs to function.

I think you can get clubbed fingers due to the decreased amount of oxygen in your blood

the doctors usually check your fingers during a check up

ask your doctor next time you go he will answer all your question for you

Take care

Honey Plum
Okay so basically you get short of breath, and have a purple tinge to lips and nails etc and go very pale. Although if you have a healthy heart you can keep your SATS up even if you are not getting enough oxygen this happens when the heart is beating very fast to over compensate. However if you have a very fast heart rate you must get seen by a doctor as it can go too fast (by this I mean for an adult I believe it is over like 125 but I'm not sure on this)

carol p
i had mine tested and it was 34% so i have been put on Oxygen 24 hours a day but in General you feel constantly tired but up until yesterday i managed just took thing slowly have a look at a site called the British lung foundation You will find all your answers there best of luck

Evil Bunny
I think it's the same as low blood pressure, dizziness and fainting. Might be other things, but I'm not sure.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Although your sats are good, what were your overnight sats?
Have you had an overnight oximetry test done?

Peter H
These things come on gradually, so you don't really notice at first. What you first notice is that although you feel fine sitting still, you get out of breath climbing stairs or walking any distance. Eventually you get to be breathless even at rest. It will be at this stage that the fingers and lips start to take on a blue colour. You always feel tired, but don't sleep too well either. With a chronic lack of oxygen the body produces more red cells. This makes the blood thicker, which in turn is hard work for the heart. Heart failure, with more breathlessness and water retention, is a late stage.
It all sounds a bit gloomy, but if you are presently keeping your saturations at over 96%, you can still enjoy yourself.

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