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I tried my friends asthma inhaler and now i feel sick, is something wrong?
I tried my friends inhaler on Friday, i took one puff, because she said it tasted like cherries and i wanted to know what it was like. and ever since then i feel light headed and dizzy and my throat is kind of sore and when i breathe it tickles,
is something wrong?


you medicated yourself.

it,s a steroid. not to be used lightly.

i would call a doctor!

Lajas Who lives in Nevada
ur not supposed to take an asthma inhaler if u dont need it. go to the emergency room!! who knows wat will happen? I would take deep breaths and drink lots of fluids like water juice water is most reccomended by me dont drink soda

inhalers are prescription medication. u just took someone elses precription. therefore it might be too much for your body to handle. especially sinse you dont have asthma (well u might idk.) if it continues go to the doctor.

first of all you shouldn't have used it becuase it for HER body needs. ppl have diffrent kinds of ashma. but i would tell your parent ( they may yell at you) and then i would drink some water first and if that still does not helo go to the doctor.

wow. genius.

Ask your friend is they have been sick recently, it could be as simple as exchanging germs.

Even though inhalers are usually steroids they aren't always, but even if it was after a day it would have been metabolized into your body.

What your feeling is most likely in your head, or because you breathed in something ment to make you breath better, you could have breathed in some nasty stuff from the air. Your lungs are just irritated probably.

If you dont get better in a week see a dr.

what on earth were you thinking .. that inhaler is purely for her use no one Else's and i never known any inhaler to taste like cherry .... if i said take this tablet coz it tastes like cherry would u still do it? it was prescribed for her.

its a good drug for those who need it but bad for those who don't.
if it continues go to ur doctor next time dont take or inhale anything thats not prescribed for you
first lesson learned

Curiosity kill the cat

Cave Creek
Yes! Your thinking is wrong! You took a powerful medication without any need for it and without medical supervision. Some meds react with others you may be taking. You will live and hopefully be all the wiser for it.

'Sunnyside Up'
Well, if you aren't asthematic then you took medicine that your body didn't need. That is one problem. That causes you to overdose. Second without needing it and getting it from your doctor who can decide the best one for you and make sure it doesn't have anything that you would be allergic to then you may be experiencing an allergic reaction. You should NEVER take medicine perscribed for someone else and if you go to the doctor in most stated he is bound by law to report it, especially if it was a narcotic. So I would never do that again for sure and if its been 24 hours and you are still having symptoms then you do need to get checked out just to make sure. It could cause lung and heart problems for you since your body wasn't prepared for it and didn't need it.

don't be a doctor yr. self

you now have squirrel aids, pretty serious **** :(

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