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 I have a mirocobiology case and I need help.?
A 40 yr male was hospitalized with severe case of bronchitis. He was given a 7 day course of antibotic therapy, consisting of ceftriaxone &azithromycin. He was released from the hospital on a ...

 Can you have Bronchitis and pneumonia at the same time?
I'm curious if a person can truly have both pneumonia and bronchitis at the same time? I've been diagnosed with it before, usually very close to each other, or right on top of each other, ...

 Is sinus infection the same as sinusitis?
I've had both but wondering if there is a difference. Also I've been told by the doctor that I have a sinus infection right now and was given antibiotics but is there anything else I can ...

 how can i get rid of this cough?!?
ive had it this cough for about a week now....i take nyquil at night and that doesnt even help...and now its makin my throat sore...i wish i knew of something besides cough medicine or cough drops bc ...

 is there any way to end aid is by useing condem?

 You Asthmatics....Would You Rather Be Educated and Not Medicated?
There are many, many, of you people that are suffering from Asthma and other respiratory ailments, aren't you tired of suffering? of course you are. Well you have to change your way of what you ...

 side effects of lobelia inflata+zanax?

 Bacterial Infection in chest?
Since the beginning of December I felt very ill, I think I had the flu. I went to the doc two weeks ago and he said I waited too long going in and I had a bacterial infection. I was at the point of ...

 Can a Doctor or Nurse who work in a Hospital please answer?
If a 19 year old male goes to the ER with a cough, tightness in the Chest, and shallow breathing, is diagnosed with Bronchitis given prescriptions and sent home (without a chest x-ray). Then less ...

 How long do swollen lymph nodes last?
I have had a a virus or possible bacterial infection for the past two weeks. It started with sore throat, swollen lymph node (right side neck only) stuffy nose, fever, headache, and tiredness. A...

 what are the diseases in the respiratory system??
can i have some information as well ...

 What's wrong with me?
I have a runny nose, but stuffy at the same time. A sore throat, and when I cough, it hurts my chest and my throat. I get out of breath when I cough. Slight fever...though not extreme.

Is ...

 How to Be Prepared for an Asthma Attack?

 Athsma pump. Dangerous if you do not have athsma?
A cigarette smoking friend of mine uses it in the morning for his coughin' (coffin) fits....

 serious question?????????
my sister took my nephew to the doctor's office today, she was told that he had his carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide high, but she is so ignorant that she could not get better information for ...

 is anybody having panic attack feeling and tingiling in the back of the head?

 pain in left arm - upper?
my dad is 52 years old, he's been having pain in his upper left arm. it really hurts him, but it's not continuous. it comes and it goes. he's also a smoker, what is this? he also has ...

 Tightness in Chest while exersizing...?
I have tightness in chest while exersizing. This is pretty normal for me, I've never really exersized much. I'm really just lazy. I'm wondering if its just that i'm out of shape ...

 I've had a soar throat for more then a week now...?
And it won't go away, I've tried everything such as:
-gargaling with warm salt water
-using honey in tea
-throat losengers
and i went to the doctor but he didn't ...

 What is a good all-purpose cleaner to use around a COPD patient?
I'm staying with my Dad and Mom for a few days and I want to do some good detailed cleaning around the house while I'm here. However, I don't want to asphyxiate Dad, who has COPD and ...

I am an ex-smoker. I can hold my breath while pushing out with my lungs, and I still can blow out smoke?
what happens, is my throat gets itchy and I feel i have to cough, and I know by those symptoms to hold my breathe and blow, then i open my mouth and slowly exhail and cigarette smoke still comes out? I've been quit for 2 years and I am hardly ever around any smokers!!! anyone else ever experience this? P.S it is a cloud of smoke as if I puffed and cigarette and blew out .
Additional Details
whater other smoke could it be.?

Nurse Nice
I've never heard of such a thing. Are you absolutely sure it's actually cigarette smoke? Because that seems nearly impossible for that to happen especially considering you quit 2 years ago.

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