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Dakota M
I've smoked 3 cigarettes and I am incredibly frightened?
Well i'm only 14 and i've smoked 3 cigarettes so far and i don't think i've ever been more scared in my life. I feel this nagging sensation telling me to smoke more in the back of my brain.
it started on tuesday, I went to hang out with a friend and he brought some cigs. i didnt intend on smoking one, but he offered and i didnt think it'd be this bad in the long run (and its only been 2 days)! i've been up till midnight just about every night studying up on the effects, and i still want more. I had one this afternoon and i knew it was horrible but i couldn't stop myself.

i CAN'T tell my mom or anyone else cause they'll tell my mom. if i tell my mom i know she'll be so ashamed of me i couldn't handle that. i can't stand having her upset with me.

I don't know what to do. i want to stop but i don't want to stop. :/ what should I do??

Smoke more, you'll look cooler.

do something to occupy urself...when u get the urge to have a smoke...do something to distract urself...like jogging or listening to music..ur freinds will understand if u don't want to smoke..well they should

Fruith Dargnither
3 cigs won't hook you. If you want to stop then you can stop. Smoking's never good; you don't want to do it while your growing.

aww man its too late youll be gone by tomorrow

its 3 cigarettes its alright just don't smoke again, chew some gum next time you get the urge

you've only had a few. you arent completely dependent so you shouldnt have bad withdrawals. Give it a week (no more!) and you will foorget about them.

you should keep smoking, quit crying about it all and just go light another one up. There especially good after a delicious meal.

Chris: An Atheist With A Plan!
Here's a good question. Why did you start smoking in the first place? Because someone offered? Throw the smokes away and move on. You do not need cigarettes at all, their fore temptation is meaningless.

lmao its all in your head kid
trust me..well, that sounds mean
but its true, you only get addicted to smoking when you smoke constantly for like over a year
then you get addicted and stuff
but 3 cigarettes does nothing to you

i think its because you are really scared and worried thats making you want more
the best way to stop smoking more is when you have no way to get more
so cut yourself from it
you'll be fine after like a week or so
just relax, and don't think about it, it's mostly in your head ..i think
so just dont worry about it..

and personally...pick it up when your 19 and legal..
smoking is bad but hey, its one of the better ways to die, personal opinion

dont worry about it jus do wat u wanna do ull get used to it and cut down automatically but wont be able to quit..

Led Zeppelin fan
you're addicted

thats an adiction. just stay away from whoever offers you cigarettes. i dont think 3 cigarettes will make much damage to your body but you have to stop. Dont let anyone persuade you to smoke keep away from bad influences and also you have to be determined to quit smoking and stop once an for all.

You should of never smoked those cigarettes because they can give you cancer make you sick and kill you and smoking just isn't good for you.

Ask a counselor for help or go online to find "how to stop cigarettes cravings" on google

It's no big deal.

if you just tell your mom, yes, she will be disappointed.. but just tell her you want to stop. im sure she would help you.. if you dont tell her, you might not stop and then she will eventually find out and be even more mad that you didnt tell her. dont be afraid.

step 1...calm down.
it's not that bad, just do stuff to keep yourself occupied.
Smoke weed.lol It's not bad like people say it is and it actually has benefits of concentration. don't do ANY other drug though. I mean...to me, it's not a drug...
if not, just ignore it. it'll be fine.
I'm a smoker, but only because it mellows me out bc i fight with my family alot.
I've been able to quit very easily MANY times.

DONT DO IT my grandfather used to smoke and he died when he was 50 from a heart attack.

My boyfriend is trying to quit, he is 17 and has been smoking since grade 9 - he was basically you. Now he struggles so much to stop but he can't.

don't smoke, it's dirty, people look down on you for it, most guys think girls who smoke are disgusting, and the people you meet in the smoking pit drag you into other bad ****.

please just restrain yourself, stay away from other people who smoke and just IGNORE the need. This is the easiest it will be for you to quit because if you don't stop now you will be where my boyfriend is 3 years later - still trying to quit and still smoking and slowly killing himself.

I hope this helps, good luck and DO NOT SMOKE!!!

ok your not addicted yet, so quit while you can. I'm 20 now and I've been smoking since I was 15. I've tried soo many times to quit, but I can't. I feel terrible. My lungs/throat are always sore. I cough all the time and I can't run far without being out of breath. Save yourself the hassle, and just don't start.

Indisputable Logic Time

I garuntee that she is more concerned for your wellbeing than anything else, and she would rather help you than judge you. You got hooked on cigarettes, but quitting only gets harder from here. You probably can't handle this yourself, you need help from someone you trust.

I can't imagine anyone you could be more able to go to than your mom! TELL HER!

Keeping this a secret is just making things a million times worse (she WILL find out sometime) Why perpetuate an endless cycle of negativity and lies? Not to mention the whole CANCER thing, which I won't bore you with. You know it's bad for you, and you know that quitting early is the best thing to do.

You can trust your mother. Forget about being afraid of getting in trouble, nicotine addiction will swallow up your life, it's one of the hardest drugs to quit. You need help, get it from a loving parent instead of turning to strangers on the internet.

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