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I've had the hiccups for 3 days and cant get rid of them, can someone PLEASE HELP.my chest is hurts?

i had a friend who had them for a week and i also read about a guy who had them for 45 days....hope thats not you...i think my friend ending up going to the hospital and they gave him a shot to relax his muscles...something like that.

Baylee M
hold your ear lobes and count to 15 out loud....sounds weird but it always works for me.

iv had this too i dont no why and how i think maybe it might be a trapped windpipe in your throat? im sorta guessng if you need proper help i think u should go see your local doctor if it continues to four days! also this didnt work with me but have you tried holding your breath its SUPPOSED to work but with me i just choke on the hiccup hope this helped

from mileyfanxar

A french doctor foun dthe following trick: put your fingers in your ears and push hard. This functions as it stimulated the Nervus Vagus, which also control the diaphragm´.


Mr.Jim Lahey
Read this...you may need to see a doctor.


i love red tank tops
drink a half glass of water and make sure you're not breathing (i mean, no inhaling of oxygen)
and hold it for 30-60 seconds

and after that, try not to exhale exaggerately

Hold ur breathe and squeeze ur tummy muscles!!!
take three big gulps of water
hold ur breathe and swallow the air in ur mouth, 3 times
then breathe

when you get the hiccups it is because a cranial nerve is irritated either the phrenic or vagus nerve. I have been told afew things, you can shake your thoracic cavity, never do this will small kids or babies though. you can also PUSH rather firmily right above the inner part of the eyebrow almost with the eyebrow for a few minutes. if they continue go to the dr sometimes they can give you medication. your diaphram is spasming

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